Karmic Partner Vs. Twin Flame: What’s the big difference?

If you’re a spiritual person, chances are you’ve heard the terms “karmic partner” and “twin flame” thrown around before. And, there’s a lot of confusion out there about these 2 concepts.

But what exactly do these terms mean? And more importantly, how can you tell the difference between a karmic partner and a twin flame?

So let’s set the record straight: a karmic partner is not the same thing as a twin flame. In fact, there are some important differences between the two that you should know about.

If you’ve been asking yourself this question, then you’ve come to the right place!…

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Understanding Karma Easily: How to Use the Laws of the Universe for your Benefit

What is Karma? And why does it seem to be working against me?

Have you thought this before?

The principle of Karma eludes many people nowadays. In order to understand it in depth, we need to stop believing fantasies and get real about how the universe and spiritual reality work. In this article, we will delve deeper into this mysterious idea.

Karma is often spoken about in hushed tones, as though it’s a magical force that we don’t quite understand. But the truth is, karma is a very real concept and one that can be harnessed to create positive change in our lives.…

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Coping with change: all you need to know to succeed spiritually and maintain stoicism

It’s no secret that coping with change can be hard.

In fact, there’s a scientific reason for it. Our brains are wired to resist change because it’s seen as a threat to our survival. This instinct is known as the “status quo bias.” The status quo bias is a cognitive bias that favors the current situation or status quo over any alternative options.

The status quo bias is thought to be driven by two primary factors: loss aversion and the sunk cost fallacy. Loss aversion refers to our tendency to prefer avoiding losses over acquiring gains. In other words, we would rather not lose what we have than gain something new.…

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Wear Gratitude Like a Cloak and Other Valuable Mantras

This might sound cheesy, but I live by the mantra “wear gratitude like a cloak”.

You know, it helps me focus on the good in life. So much around us is designed to disrupt our balance that it’s sometimes amazing we are still living.

Pretend you live in a large family. Your parents keep telling you to put your shoes over to the side when you take them off. Sometimes you remember, and sometimes you forget. Sometimes your brothers and sisters remember. Sometimes they forget. One day you walk into the house, trip over shoes that have been left in the middle of the floor, and you fall and break your ankle.…

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Don’t make assumptions: A crucial essay on balance, letting go and observing

I invite you to stop everything you are doing and read this article because it might be the most important one I write. Relax, there’s nowhere to rush to now. Make a conscious intention to just be present in the moment and enjoy merely being yourself.

Did you ever have one of those times where things were really going good, and you were in the flow, and you were manifesting, and all your energy was going out, out and out some more as thankfulness and appreciation and excitement and enthusiasm? Remember when you were working with energy and it was awesome?…

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