It’s 2012 All Over Again: A Brief Explanation on The End Of Times and It’s Awesome Meaning

The End of Times: A New Consciousness Shift

Many people are familiar with the famous 2012 Mayan prophecy, which warned that the world would end in December of that year. While it was a false alarm, it has left many people feeling anxious about the future. But what if there is something much more significant than an impending apocalypse? What if we’re actually approaching a dramatic consciousness shift? Let’s explore what this means for mankind.

2012 was touted as the end of times, but it came and went without any apocalyptic event. However, there is a new shift in consciousness that has been slowly taking place since then.…

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Star Trek and Spirituaity – Some incredible lessons from the franchise

I actually watched Star Trek. I liked the original series the best. It didn’t have a lot of fancy sets and computer-enhanced graphics for sensationalism, but it told a very interesting story.

Many of the future things predicted and used in the show are now accessible. Our current cell phones, I pods, I pads, and computers with voice and eye recognition have far surpassed the Star Trek variety, and yet back in the 60s, those things were science fiction. Scientists have now proven in laboratories that matter exists in two places simultaneously – and the Star Trek Transporter system was actually based on scientific principles people are working on today.…

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