Power Is Within You – How Awaken People Can Bring Substantial Change in Society

Some people still live with the belief that our leaders have our best interests at heart. I’m sure some of them do. I know some of them do. The political machine holds the power and the money and the influence does not. They have their interests first. The influential and powerful who really run things from behind the scenes don’t really care what happens to us.

In fact, if there were fewer of us to contend with it would be alright with them.

But the truth is the power is within you and me.

They have engineered diseases in laboratories that were unheard of in mankind decades ago. The pharmaceutical industry is rich because of keeping you sick. They would be out of business if you got well and didn’t need them anymore. Again, this is not to say that thousands upon thousands of hard-working caring people in the industry are not trying their best.

They are.

the power is within you

But the orders that come from the top never reveal the cures. Only more diseases to ‘fight’. The military is filled with honest and brave young men and women who love their country and are giving everything they have to protect it, but the power brokers who engineer wars only get rich by making bigger bombs.

Our teachers are trying their best against unspeakable odds to teach children with antiquated methods that don’t address the fact that each child is uniquely gifted and can’t learn by being put on an assembly line and tested more than they are taught. Many people who dictate school policy, through their nefarious channels, understand completely that these children must be kept under control, and encouraged to give up.

Our industrial leaders who damage the earth by consistently abusing their resources know full well what they are doing. They are not trying to save the planet. They know their personal demise is coming and they don’t care about future generations.

The people who know how to engineer weather are taking normal changes and in many cases manipulating them to wreak havoc for the planet and its citizens. The church I attended for many, many years kept giving me the same message over and over. That I was a poor miserable sinner and I was urged week after week after week to say that and sing that and validate that in many, many ways. They rarely acknowledge spiritual growth.

Fortunately today there are many churches gaining strength that do and I applaud them, but the early church leaders back in the 15th century, that set down the dictates still followed widely today, wanted control of their people more than salvation for their people. For some people reading this today I am stating the obvious. You get it. You’ve known it for some time now.

For some, this is information you have heard but not taken to heart, and if that is the case, I wish you would give it some serious thought. The reason I am stating this again is to bring it into your conscious awareness because we can no longer sit idly by and give up. After all, ‘they’ are too big and too powerful.

They are not.

The power lies with the people but the people must act in a united fashion. You must take the initiative to become a part of the solution. It has never been more important that you understand this and become involved. You could start a daily meditation practice where you see everyone thriving, healing, growing, learning, abundant, joyful, and safe.

You could send peace out to your neighbors and loved ones and a blanket of peaceful acceptance and celebration to cover the earth.

See the earth healed and the people happy, having all they need. Spend as much time on this as you do thinking about your job and your daily life and responsibilities. Don’t relegate it to a few minutes of prayer at the end of the day. That isn’t enough. In places where mass meditations have been done, things have changed.


The power is within you and me.

We have just not utilized it properly, significantly and relentlessly enough to turn things around. But thank God more and more of us are trying every day. This message is designed to be another wake-up call because the next 3 months on this planet are going to be pivotal. If those three months go by with very little upheaval and distress, then we will know that enough of us have done our job.

Please get to work, whoever you are, and wherever you are.

You – the collective you – will be the deciding factor in what happens next to this planet. We are moving into the age of light – the golden age on planet earth. Whether we get there safely and happily, or with many still giving their lives in the last days of the fight, is on us.

Think well on this.


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