A Special Message for All Spiritual Seekers – Never Underestimate the Power of Prayer

Hi Friends,

I’m not the kind of getting into politics or nasty things, but we are living in extraordinary times. This is a reminder of what happened in 2012. Though it’s scary, as I wrote in the title “never underestimate the power of prayer”“.

The Bible talks about the weeds and tares being allowed to grow side by side —and a time of harvest when the wheat would be separated from the chaff. I believe we are in that time. We are in the time of harvest and separation.

In order to complete the harvest successfully, it will serve us to know what the weeds and the chaff really look like. We have a clue – we know our major corporations, governments, drug companies, etc., are out of control and don’t serve our best interests. But it has always been my belief that the more information we have, the more informed decisions we can make.

To that end I am suggesting a man, and a website that is worth investigation. This is a lot of information, and if you choose to read it, please do so with an open mind and reserve judgment until the end. As a society, we have been manipulated for a very long time – – but for a higher purpose. This was allowed at the highest levels of Spirit to give us the gift of free will and the chance to explore polarity to its extreme. Those that took advantage of us did it with our unconscious and unknowing consent, but on some level, we went along.

Bullys have been allowed to dominate because, on some level, the victims believed themselves to be helpless. We are not helpless anymore. The Galactic Alignment of 2012 provides all the cosmic energy needed to take back our power. This is a gift from God.

If you choose to read this, understand that the purpose is absolutely NOT to generate more fear, but to shine light on the darkness. The darkness cannot exist once we know about it and refuse to go along with it anymore.

David Wilcock is a brave man. His words can be found here:


Never underestimate the power of prayer

Now for the fun part (can’t all be gloomy, can it?)

I heard on the news of a very nice middle-class restaurant that doesn’t charge fixed prices. They merely suggest what the dinner is worth, and you pay what you want. If you can pay the full amount that is appreciated. If you can’t pay the full amount, you pay what you can. If you can afford to pay a little extra to cover the expenses of those who may be a little short, that is encouraged. Guess what – the restaurant is thriving. They offer great organic food and are opening another location because they are doing so well. They are finding a better way.

There are private schools that allow children to learn at their own pace and in their own way. They understand that some of us learn by listening, some by doing, and some by seeing. Some children thrive in a busy active environment. Some children learn best in a quiet peaceful place. Those differences are honored and each child is given what he or she needs to succeed. They are finding a better way.

There are companies that value their employees and treat them as individuals. Work hours can be adjusted to meet family needs and commitments. Work environments can be changed for maximum comfort and efficiency. Options are given for lunch and break times. There are places to exercise and enjoy nature. There are places to relax and meditate or nap. There are opportunities to become part of a working team. Those companies are doing well and finding a better way.

Just for fun, how about doing some daydreaming? Plan a perfect day in your mind where things run smoothly, people are happy, everyone’s needs are met and life is better than you ever thought it could be. That’s how the restaurants, and the schools, and the businesses began. They were somebody’s dream of a better way.

Now take just one small step toward making one of your dreams a reality – just for fun.

Spiritual Discipline

If something were free, easily obtainable, connected you to amazing teachers, packed a big bang for the buck, and promised potentially miraculous results would you want it?

Most people would say, ‘yes, bring it on, I’ll try it.’

And many people do go for it. They join a class or read a book and then because they never personalize their investment, and because the results aren’t immediate or dramatic, they stop. I’m talking about spiritual practices. And they work – but you have to work with them. They require power that comes from the love in your heart and the commitment that lives in your solar plexus and the determination that lives in your sacral area.

Spiritual practices require something of the participant, and that is body, mind, and spirit involvement. People who regularly meditate or do yoga understand this. People who have a daily prayer life understand this. People who never eat a single morsel without blessing it and bringing into personal alignment understand this.

How about you? What are you willing to give of yourself, to get back something amazing. How much time? How much energy? How much thought? How much?

Anything, from lighting a candle, to going for a walk, to taking a shower, can be a spiritual practice if you make it one. If you ask Spirit to guide you in that moment – to enlighten you, or strengthen you or cleanse you, it will be done. If you do it consistently and trustingly, you will be shown more ways to make this connection. Once you make this connection and feel the power and love you will never want to stop.

I engage in many, many spiritual practices in my daily life. I have a network of wonderful friends who do the same. I can help you get started if you want to. In my holistic practice I see clients just like you who want to find something deeper and I can guide you on that road.

Never underestimate the power of prayer!



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