How To Be Your Authentic Self – A Little Guide on Expressing your Soul

We all put on masks everyday. We wear them at work, around our friends, and even at home. Masks can be a good thing. They help us navigate the waters of social interaction and they protect our true selves from being hurt. But sometimes, we can get so caught up in wearing our masks that we forget who we are underneath them.

What being your “authentic self” means

Being your authentic self is about understanding and accepting who you are as a person and not hiding behind a mask. It means embracing qualities that make each of us unique, both good and bad, without feeling the need to pretend or compare ourselves to others.…

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An essay on the spiritual meaning of having important people in life

Having people in our lives is essential to our spiritual development.

We are social creatures, and without meaningful relationships we cannot fully grow or develop as human beings. Our interactions with others provide opportunities for us to learn, to love, and to be loved. They also give us a chance to practice being compassionate and understanding, two qualities that are essential for a happy and fulfilling life. So if you’re feeling alone or disconnected, reach out and connect with someone today. It could just make all the difference in your spiritual healing journey.

The value of human connection – why we need other people in our lives

Human connection is a crucial part of life that forms the cornerstone of our well-being and happiness.…

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Crown Jewels and the Importance of Parables to Spiritual Growth

We often think of parables as simple stories with a moral lesson, but they can be so much more than that. Parables can be used as a tool for storytelling and spiritual growth. They can help us to understand complex concepts and connect with our spirituality in a deeper way. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of parables in both storytelling and spiritual growth. We hope that you will find something useful here whether you are a storyteller or simply someone who is looking for a deeper connection to your spirituality. Thank you for reading!

A parable is a simple story that teaches a moral or spiritual lesson

A parable is an incredibly effective way of conveying a moral or spiritual lesson in a succinct fashion.…

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How We Imagine The future of Medicine: Personal, Less invasive, more natural

In the past century, there has been a tremendous shift in the way we think about medicine. We have moved from an approach that was mostly focused on treating illness and disease to one that is much more holistic and preventive. This shift has been driven by advances in medical science, but also by changes in our cultural attitude towards health and wellness. In this blog post, we will explore the future of medicine and how it may continue to evolve in a more personal, less invasive, and more natural direction. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

future of medicine will be very different from what we know
Star cookies with glass teapot on a dark background with a meteorite.

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Just Do It – How to break mental barriers and get things done

We all have things that we want to achieve in life, but sometimes our mental barriers can get in the way. If you’re finding yourself struggling to get things done, it’s time to break through those barriers and achieve your goals. In this blog post, I’ll share some tips on how to do just that. With the right mindset and strategy, you can overcome anything standing in your way. So let’s get started!

Understand what is holding you back – is it fear, procrastination, or something else entirely?

We all have challenges to overcome as we strive towards our goals. Figuring out what is preventing us from reaching that end point can be difficult and daunting.…

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Laws of Manifestation and How the Sun and Moon’s movements influence the Spiritual Foundations

The spiritual laws are said to be affected by solar and lunar movements. This is because the Sun and Moon represent different aspects of our spiritual selves. The Sun represents our conscious self, while the Moon represents our unconscious self. When they are in alignment, we are said to be more in touch with our spirituality. However, when they are out of alignment, it can lead to a disconnection from our spirituality.

The Sun and Moon are said to be the two most influential celestial bodies when it comes to the spiritual laws that govern our lives.

Out of all the vast celestial bodies in the universe, the Sun and Moon have some of the most influence when it comes to spiritual laws.…

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Creating Life Beyond Dualistic Thinking: How to Understand deeper spiritual ideas

I know I have spoken of this before but it bears repeating until humanity gets it: Most people have pre-conceived ideas about right and wrong. They will quite often search for information until they find validation of their personal beliefs. At that point they say, “yes, this is the truth – I knew it all along.”

Then they will resist anyone who doesn’t share their truth. That’s as far as they ever go. The only way we will ever advance beyond the divisions that have arisen in this country, is for each person to look at both sides of an issue fairly and squarely.…

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Why are there Lightworkers On Earth? A Little Essay on This Marvelous Vocation for Humanity

We’ve previously been able to ask ourselves “Am I a Light Worker?”, but we haven’t asked “Why are there Lightworkers on Earth?”

Today let’s pretend. Pretend it’s a long, long, long time ago and we’re sitting somewhere in the Universe gazing at Planet Earth and seeing all her possibilities and all her pasts and all her probable futures. We’re all Masters – we and our friends (and there are a lot of us, tens of thousands – we come from a very big and loving family). We see the human species beginning to grow.

We see the creation of the Planet and the beauty that was built into it.…

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Passing Judgment – And Why This a Truly Despicable Spiritual Practice

We all know that it’s bad to judge others. We’ve been told this since we were young. And yet, we still do it all the time. Why is that?

One reason might be because we’re human and passing judgment is part of our nature.

But another reason might be because we don’t realize the harm that judgments can cause – not just to others, but to ourselves as well.

You see, when we judge others, we are actually closing ourselves off from them. We are creating a barrier between us and them that doesn’t allow for true understanding or connection. And on a spiritual level, this is very harmful.…

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The Quiet Revolution

The Quiet Revolution?

I was filled with a sense of delight when I read the headlines: ‘Terror Alert Fails To Faze Residents’ .

Despite the best efforts of the media and those in power to keep us frightened and under control, people were revolting. They were going about their business as usual. They were not giving in to panic. They were not going to let fear rule their lives.

That my friends is the most amazing Divine answer to the problems that plague mankind today.

Did you know it could be that simple?

the quiet revolution is starting to manifest more and more

I am not implying that overcoming fear is easy.…

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