Changing your beliefs by reimagining what’s Possible Through Belief Transformation

Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right?

Sometimes you get to have both, but many times it is a choice. It’s absolutely astounding to me how important it is to some people to be right? Why? Who really cares? Where did you ever get that idea in the first place? Do you think other people will honor you more if you are a know-it-all? Highly unlikely. Do you think you will gain more respect?

Not very often.

It is certainly wonderful to be an expert in your field because it makes your information trustworthy, and puts you in a position to assist a lot of people who are searching for answers. But to be right, just for the sake of being right, is pretty lame. Some people will go to extremes to appear right, and prove they are right, even if the facts don’t hold up to scrutiny. If being right is so darn important to you, you need to sit down and ask yourself ‘why?’

changing your beliefs is the surest way to changing your reality

Usually it’s an ego problem. I have personally found that accepting my imperfections, and the imperfections of others, is a lovely, comfortable and kind way to live. A friend once gave me a framed picture that said ‘a friend is one who knows all about you, and loves you just the same’. Who cares if you’re right, if you have friends like that? Usually, in this strange world we live in, if there is a difference of opinion and one person is right, the other automatically has to be wrong. Friendships and marriages and partnerships of all kinds have ended in bitterness because of the I’m right ( better) your’re wrong (worse) scenario.

Again, ego at its worst.

Let’s strive for good self worth because we’re always trying our best and giving it our all. Then whether we end up right of wrong – oh well – tomorrow is another day. Do you want revenge or do you want justice? Getting even may feel good in the short term, but once you study energy with any degree of conscientiousness you realize that karmically you couldn’t be hurting yourself more. All have sinned. All have fallen short. All have made mistakes.

Someone once said that they thanked God every day that they received the benefits of God’s Grace and didn’t get what they deserved. If we had to pay for every unkind word, or thought or deed, or resentment or anger or jealousy or moment of self-pity, well, we’d be hard pressed to ever pay off that debt. God is gracious. God is good. God is forgiving. I claim all that for myself. The least I can do is extend that courtesy to others. Now this does not excuse bad behavior, or allow people who hurt other people to just get away with it.

Far from it.

Justice demands that people who hurt other people be put in a position to right their wrongs, either through fines or community service or restoration or incarceration. No where are we required to share our world with people who are out to do damage. But if we are ultimately looking for the win/win we will always strive for repayment and rehabilitation. Being mean and hurtful to someone because they have been mean and hurtful to us is not the win/win – it’s a lose/lose.

They don’t get any better, and we always bring ourselves down.

So that takes care of the mis-belief that it’s so important to be right at all costs – and that explains the mis-belief that getting even is some sort of admirable goal. You have a lot of other beliefs, though, that really bear some looking into. Your parents beliefs, your teachers beliefs, your governements beliefs, and societies beliefs have been trust upon you every moment of your life since you drew your first breath. Along the way you may have rejected some, but you probably embraced a lot.

Are they true? I can’t tell you that. All I know is that someone else believed it and imparted it to you, and you accepted it. You may have used textbooks in school that were presented to you as truth, and you internalized them into your belief system that way. If new information comes along to show that the authors and teachers were mistaken, are you going to be ok with that?

I hope so. Our medical information is always changing. What is good for us one day, may be bad for us the next. Mass media tells us a lot of things on a daily basis that may or may not be true. All we can really ever be sure of, is that that said it. It is our reponsibility to accept or reject – to believe or not. So your life is presently operating on a set of beliefs that you have embraced.

There’s a saying -‘change your beliefs, change your life’ – it’s true. I hope you will really put some time and effort into your belief system and be ready and willing to change when new information, or intuitive knowing comes to you.

The only life that is really sad, is one that would never ever consider a change in belief. You may have believed you would never amount to anything. I hope you have replaced that with the belief that you can do anything.

You may have believed that you are too young or too old or too this or too that to be able to do something. Not necessarily so. In fact those kinds of beliefs often prove to be completely innacurate. I hope you believe that happiness is for you. I hope you believe that there is a little spark of good in everyone.

I hope you can let go of strong internalized beliefs that impede your spiritual growth. These are three areas that are going to challenge you in the years ahead. I hope you are up to the challenge, because we stand at the threshold of something brand new. New ways will be called for. New beliefs will be required.

New personal relationships will be forming and the greatest of these will be with ourselves and the unseen world that has, up until now, been just beyond our reach. Do you want to live in the world of your dreams? Well, just hang around for a little while longer, because if you believe in them strongly enough, they’re about to come true. Blessings, Elaine

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