Your Life Is In Your Hands! Taking Charge Of Your Health And Wellbeing

I am generally pretty healthy – but recently I have had a few health concerns that I had to deal with. This has been time consuming, frustrating, and required a lot of patience and insight to get resolved. Through this whole process I have had an inside look at the way the medical community is operating, the health care system is operating and the pharmaceutical community is operating.

They are all far from perfect, and through this whole process I have been consistently and constantly led back to the same facts. No one knows your body better than you do. No one cares about your well being like you do. No one can feel what you feel, even though you may try to explain it, and no one has all your answers.

The ads you see on television for certain medications, contain more warnings that they do promises of relief. That should tell you something. Of course, certain conditions are well beyond our ability to deal with, and we need all the help we can get from medical professionals. If we are in touch with our spiritual guidance team we can ask and trust that we are being led to the people who can help us the most. But at the end of the day, if the pill the doctor prescribed is making you worse instead of better, you had better dig deeper.

We have wonderful resources at our command in this day and age by way of the internet. Sometimes the resources can be overwhelming and the information conflicting, and only our intuitive inner knowing can guide us and direct us to the best answers for us. We are in the age of empowerment where we are supposed to start realizing that we are all healers. We all have the capacity to communicate with the cells of our body and instruct them to follow our direction.

We are responsible for what foods we choose to eat, and to do our homework to discover which of those foods are doing us good and which are doing us harm. If we need supplements we have to do the research to make sure we are getting a good quality product. Some of our health issues have been carried in our DNA from lifetime to lifetime – we may have a propensity for certain weaknesses in certain chakras and certain parts of the body. When you have tried everything medically to fix a condition, and it still persists, it may be time to look at it from another angle.

There are many healers out there who specialize in helping you go back and discover the root cause of your pain. Many lifetimes ago your life may have ended when someone put a sword through you. You may wonder why you consistently have pain in the part of the body where that happened. Searching back to the root cause, you may realize that you still harbor ill will toward the person that did that to you, and that emotion is keeping the pain locked in place. Being able to go back to that moment with new understanding and forgive your attacker may be the only thing that will ultimately heal your condition.

As human beings, a huge amount of our time is dedicated to the physical vessel we occupy. When we are at home in our spirit form, we are freed from any and all physical attachments and concerns and our lives are far different. But here on this planet, and in this time, the physical is a huge part of who we are, and we are required to constantly be good caretakers of the body that we have been gifted with.

It may be important to remember that we chose our body type, and allowed and were aware of the limitations we would face before we incarnated here. We didn’t come to suffer. We came to turn it all around. We came to experience and to learn things we could never learn ‘at home’ without the physical vessel to care for. Coming into body and meeting the challenges that go with it was never for the weak or the timid or those lacking in courage. If you are here you are a courageous soul.

If you are here you carry every answer you will need somewhere within you. If you are here, it means you have a support team on ‘the other side’ that will guide you and direct you to your highest and best good. We are on the edge, as a society, of some amazing and wonderful breakthroughs in the field of medicine and new cures for our present ailments. Sound waves and vibrational therapy are currently being used, and refined and understood more each day by people who brought this knowledge into this life.

Amazing cures for conditions that previously had no answers are right on the horizon. We can all help them come forward and available for public use, if we are aware and work together to send energy in that direction. By focusing on what is wrong, and dwelling on the ineptness of our care, we can lock ourselves into a repeating pattern that contains no healing.

If we can adjust our mental attitude to look upward and outward and search for the answers that we know are there – somewhere – we can do ourselves a world of good. Suppose we can send our love and light and support and gratitude to the people who are working tirelessly to bring us new answers to the problems that plague us. In that case, we can bring those solutions into public awareness and available for public use. We are the ones with feet on the ground.

We are the only ones who can take these wonderful cures that may be lingering in the etheric planes and ground them into our reality. There is no way to stay impartial or uninvolved. You are personally either part of the problem, or part of the solution. If we can all envision a healthy world where everyone has discovered exactly what they need, then that is what will manifest in time.

So may you find the understanding, strength, and faith to deal with whatever is going on in your life in the highest and best way possible. And may you send your loving support and faith to those who are working tirelessly to change the systems and to bring in the answers our bodies require.

Many blessings,

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