Keeping Faith in Hard Times – A Small Post Growing Through Hardships

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to do in life is to keep faith in hard times

Does it seem really nice to you that the whole nation stops what it is doing (except for many retail outlets) to count its blessings once a year? Does it give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside to get together with relatives whose company you may or may not enjoy? Countless hours are spent in the kitchen and many cooks are exhausted by the end of the day. The newspapers are filled with ads so that people can start planning their 4 am shopping trips on Black Friday and of course, Santa makes his first appearance in Manhattan.

A day of truly being thankful for our blessings surrounded by friends and loved ones and an abundance of delicious food is certainly a beautiful thing. Sadly, the true meaning sometimes gets confined to a short table prayer, and the percentage of gratitude we carry in our hearts can be small in comparison to the percentage of energy we put into other things.

Next year, to celebrate a true Thanksgiving, how about finding some time just for yourself to be alone with your thoughts? During that time, create your gratitude list. It could be on paper or it could just be in your mind. For the purposes of this gratitude list, look above and beyond your problems, and don’t leave anything out, no matter how small.

If you’re able to walk around, see, smell, taste, or touch, start with those things. If you have friends, family, neighbors, a job, shelter, or food, give thanks to God. If you are missing any of those things but you have possibilities, hope, faith, or freedom, then celebrate your potential.

If you arrived home safe at the end of the day and if you have the strength and courage to do it all again tomorrow, you have something to be grateful for. If you are going through hard times, be thankful that you never have to go through them alone. God and your angels are your constant companions whether you are aware of their presence or not.

Keeping faith in hard times

Above all, be grateful that you are loved, you are special, and you aren’t finished yet. To be allowed to come to earth at this time and in this space means you have a spiritual family that gathers around you, not only on Thanksgiving but every day and every moment of your life. To be here now means you are blessed beyond measure, and you have important heart work to do to help anchor love as the predominate force on Earth.

Wear gratitude like a cloak.

I know that if you think about it, you can come up with that list. I know that if you pull out that list and read it when times get tough, you will move through the tough times with more ease and grace. I know that each and every time I review my list you will be on it. And that’s how to have an attitude of gratitude.

An Important Consideration of faith in hard times

Let’s pretend you have a very bad neighbor. He has hurt your property and your dog and your feelings. You could call the police, go to court and make him pay. It will take time, energy, money, and peace of mind to do this, but you could.

You also know he is planning to move. If you put up with him a little longer he will just go away. You have heard that he is moving to a place that is pretty harsh and he will probably not have an easy time of it there.

So what do you do? Call the police and claim your justice. Or allow the move to unfold and claim your peace?

3rd-dimensional justice – or Divine justice, spiritual justice, and higher dimensional peace. Not a frivolous decision. Even if you are not consciously aware, your soul is deciding this right now.

I am choosing to have faith in the goodness and intelligence of mankind. I am willing to bet that in your heart of hearts you are willing to claim your peace, and remember the bible verse: “Judgement is Mine, Sayeth the Lord”.

I am willing to go one step further and help him with his move in any way I can. I will always vote for peace, love, compassion, and forgiveness every chance I get. However you feel about this is the right way for you – for now – but I hope you will think it over seriously.

Hopefully, as we discover how badly we have been treated by some of our leaders, we can just celebrate the fact that they are packing, and the moving van is on its way.

Heavenly Vibrational Layers and higher vibrational energy

What happens to you when you die? From all indications you reach a moment of clarity when you realize you are no longer in your body, and yet YOU are still YOU. You have just taken off the suit of flesh and it happened as easily as if you had taken off your sweater. You may be a little disoriented, but there will be a loving presence near you and you instinctively know they are there to help you. You still have choices and you still retain your personality.

If you left abruptly in an accident you may be a little confused, until someone like an Angel comes and explains things to you. If you left after a long illness and were looking forward to the transition, you may feel pure joy. There are many different experiences that are available. Yours will be perfect for you because the experience will match your soul’s vibrational level. You will, however, be existing in one of the many vibrational layers that make up the Earth’s astral plane.

We don’t know how many layers exist, but there will be one that has the same vibrational tone that you do. There will also always be one a little higher where the light of God is shining even brighter. Your soul will be surrounded by family and teachers and angels and you will be encouraged in every moment to grow.

If we were presented with the total brilliance of God today, we couldn’t take it. Our nervous systems would literally burn up. So God in His wisdom has created a system where we can open to His Love layer by layer. Someday we will grow enough and be able to reunite in totality with our Creator. That day is a long way away from the human measurement of time.

So for now we can take comfort in the knowledge that every time we let God love us a little more, and we pass the love on to someone else, we are ascending in consciousness and growing toward our ultimate reunion with God.

My life is good, God blesses me. I have everything I need.

Because I know the plan for earth and the power I have when I sing this verse –

My life is good, God blesses me. And I have everything I need.

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