Discerning The Truth – How to Tell When Something Is Real and When Something Is False

There’s an old saying that goes, “trust your gut.” But what does that really mean? How can you tell when something is true or false?

Is there a way to know for sure?

The answer is yes – and it all starts with understanding your own intuition.

We’ll explore what intuition is, how to tell when it’s speaking to you, and some of the ways you can use it to discern the truth in any given situation.

Discerning the truth can be difficult but is doable

The heart knows what the head doesn’t – discerning the truth from fiction

It’s often said that knowledge originates from within, and that deep down everyone knows what is true and false. This reaches far beyond an individual’s physical abilities or academic understandings. It’s the capacity of our hearts to recognize truth in the face of adversity and lies. Our hearts protect us from being fooled by recognizing a tinge of falseness lingering in certain ideas or stories, alerting us to look elsewhere for confirmation or differentiating facts. Despite many occasions we dig deep into books and resources for answers, at times our hearts want us to trust them instead; knowing instinctively if something feels unreal, even when our minds are telling us it could be otherwise.

How to tell when something is real – look for signs that it’s authentic

Knowing when something is real can be challenging, but there are often signs if you know what to look for. Pay close attention to the details—does it make sense logically? Have you done your research and can you find other sources that confirm what the source is saying? And while the cognitive approach certainly has its place in determining reality, sometimes simply tuning into your heart can help identify an authentic source or situation. Even if it doesn’t necessarily make sense or seem logical, a deep inner knowing or gut feeling can be comforting when trying to determine whether something is real.

How to tell when something is false – beware of things that seem too good to be true

When trying to differentiate between what is false and what is true, it is important that we take a step back and use our intuition. Often times, when something seems too good to be true, there could be an agenda at the root of the source. Trusting your gut feeling can oftentimes save you from getting involved in a false narrative or situation. Additionally, if something does not feel authentic, it may mean that it is not reliable. Learning how to navigate this tricky line between truth and falsehood can save us from potentially falling into a dangerous situation or hoax. Therefore, we should always pay attention to our instincts when deciding whether or not something is genuine.

Trust your heart – it knows more than you think it does!

Trusting our hearts can be a hard thing to do, especially in a world driven by technology and scientific data. However, no machine or algorithm can replace what we can feel inside – our own inner compass that has been guiding us all along. Research suggests that our age-old instincts, emotions and intuitions are what make us truly real. By trusting in our heart, we have the power to overcome even the most difficult of dilemmas. It’s time to realize that you know more than you think! Let your intuition guide you and trust that your heart holds the answers.

Follow your heart – it will lead you to the truth

We can all use our heads and think logically, research diligently, and analyze carefully when trying to find the truth about something. However, few of us remember that we can also access the power of our hearts – this inner wisdom which seems to appear just beyond our mental grasp. For those who take the time to listen and open themselves up to follow their heart’s truth will find they come across invaluable insights and authentic knowledge that can help lead them to a greater understanding of the issue at hand.

Moreover, people who trust they will find answers when they access this domain often surprise themselves at how accurate their intuition turns out to be. So don’t forget to follow your heart – it could hold the key you need in your quest for proof or knowledge!

The heart knows what the head doesn’t – how to discern truth from fiction. When you’re trying to figure out if something is real or not, look for signs that it’s authentic. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your gut – it knows more than you think! Follow your heart and it will lead you to the truth

About our times

There is a great danger in the age we currently live in. It comes in the guise of information and news. Whoever controls the press, controls the masses. When someone hears something again and again and again, they start to believe it must have some validity. The other day a very well respected journalist said that in the desire to be impartial and fair to both sides of an issue, both sides of an issue have been given equal time. This leads people to believe that they both carry the same amount of truth.

As an example let me call your attention to our planet. Mother earth is in bad shape. Her air, her water, her foundational structure, and her minerals have been used and abused, almost to the point of no return. The trees we need for oxygen have been disseminated in some places to make room for commerce. We need clean water to drink and clean air to breathe. They have both been horribly compromised all across the planet. Continuing to take out oil has caused pollution and weakened the planets infrastructure.

We must find different energy sources.

The world is full of free energy potential from the sun and yet the oil companies continue to grow and thrive and weaken the planet every day. Many scientists are gathering to address this issue and change it. The people who want to preserve the planet are in the majority – in the 90 percentile. The ones who desecrate it for their own personal gain are in the minority. Yet, you will hear as many news stores saying there is a problem as you do saying that the problem is being exaggerated.

This is the press being ‘fair’ to both sides. It leads people to the wrong conclusions. We are going to have to start standing up for the rights of the planet or we are going to lose her. Some species of animals are already so small that people can count them.

Native cultures have said that when you can count the animals you have almost passed the point of no return. It is the current generation that is going to have to do something about this, or there will be nothing left for the grandchildren. People must become discerning in what they read, and what they hear and what they believe.

Truth is in short supply these days on the airways and in print. This message comes to you as a plea. Whatever you read, and whatever you see, and whatever you hear, please use your intellect and your intuition and your ability to reason and research to discover the truth. Just because something is said repeatedly and loudly does not make it truth.

The responsibility for discerning truth must rest with each one of us. To the best of my ability I have always done my research, and prayerfully offered up to you what I believed was the truth. I will continue to do that. The truth of the moment is that we must become watchful when it comes to the media. It can be used to inform or it can be used to influence. I pray that all of us together can find a way to uncover the truth, and heal the earth, ourselves, and each other.

Many blessings,

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