The Difference Magic And Miracles and How to Experience Them on a Daily Basis

If you have open eyes, you see by now that magic and miracles are a natural part of living

We’ve all heard of magic and miracles, but what’s the difference? While both involve mysterious forces beyond our control, there is a subtle distinction between them.

Have you ever wanted to experience a miracle? To be surprised by something extraordinary, something so amazing that it can only be described as magical? Well, you’re in luck! There is a way for you to experience magic and miracles on a daily basis.

Read on to learn more about the difference between magic and miracles – and how to experience them every day!

What is the Difference Between Magic and Miracles?

The difference between magic and miracles is subtle but essential.

Magic is the power of manipulating natural forces in order to produce a desired outcome. It has been used throughout history for healing, divination, protection from evil, and even altering fate. Magic can be seen as a way of taking control of one’s life by using symbols, rituals, charms, and incantations to bring about changes in the physical world.

A miracle, on the other hand, is an event that surpasses human understanding or capability. It is an intervention from a higher power that goes beyond our normal realm of understanding. Miracles often have spiritual implications related to faith or divine intervention. They are events that cannot be explained by science or logic alone; they are believed to be acts of God.

While magic relies on supernatural powers and/or skillful manipulation of forces, miracles are acts of God or divine intervention. In other words, a miracle is an event that goes beyond the natural realm and defies explanation or logical reasoning. A miracle can also be seen as an act of grace from God or some spiritual force.

magic and miracles are possible for all in every sense of the word

How Can I Experience Magic and Miracles Every Day?

It’s possible to experience magic and miracles every day if you look closely enough!

Start by paying attention to the little things in life – moments that feel special, out of the ordinary, or just plain lucky. These moments may be small but they can have a big impact on your life if you take the time to appreciate them.

Also keep an eye out for signs from the universe – like seeing numbers that mean something special or noticing patterns in nature or day-to-day events. These signs could be interpreted as messages from higher powers guiding us in our lives.

You can also create opportunities for yourself by pursuing activities related to spiritualism, such as meditation, prayer, mindfulness practice, energy healing work, etc. Through these practices, we align ourselves with higher vibrations which help us tap into our inner power and connect with greater wisdom that can lead us toward joy and fulfillment.

Making Peace With Your Life

You know what peace feels like. We’re in the season where we sing about it, think about it, send greeting cards wishing it, and often long for it in the middle of distress. We see so little of it in life’s extremely busyness and our world. Each of our lives has brought us to a particular set of circumstances that just are. We can always change things within those circumstances, but we inevitably need to start with what is right here.

Some people call that acceptance. True acceptance is a beautiful thing. Some people think they’re accepting when they have only become resigned to the circumstances they find themselves in. If you become resigned to circumstances because there seems to be no alternative, you are often left with some underlying sadness or anger.

How do you come to that place of true acceptance? I would offer the thought that perhaps it’s time to make peace with your life. Even the beautiful Serenity Prayer indicates that there is a step leading to acceptance. In it we pray, “God Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change”. It would appear that serenity, or peacefulness, has to come first. Let’s start there.

How do you make peace with your life? You can begin by giving it your full attention. Look at the journey you have been on since the moment you were born, and celebrate every success and every achievement. Give yourself credit for all those times you dealt with things, and overcame things, and persevered and survived.

Honor the fact that human life is a challenge in varying degrees for everyone. Forgive yourself for the times you felt you failed. Then, most importantly of all – send love to it.

If you can, mentally take a step back from your life and become the observer of what has gone before. Picture your whole life as a beautiful stained glass window. Every glorious shining beautiful moment is a color, outlined by the challenges of the darker metal that defines it and holds it in place.

If you are in a time of joy in your life, love the beauty of it. Just watch if you are in a time when the metal is being poured to define it. To borrow from Doreen Virtue, ‘don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle’. We are in the age of miracles, but you need to be open to them. Living in peace with what is, and what can be, holds the door to those miracles wide open.

You are a work in progress. You are that beautiful stained glass window, and you are not yet complete. God can bring you serenity and peacefulness, but not without your cooperation. Love is the key. I offer it to you today as my Christmas gift to you.

A word on our beautiful world

Many people live in a beautiful place of trust and faith. They pray with deep sincerity and are answered in miraculous ways. That’s all they need to know. That’s wonderful. I, however, seem to be one of those people who always wants to know ‘why’. How does that work? How does God engineer those miracles? I know that God does, but my curiosity has always inspired me to figure it out.

That question has been answered as I pursued my metaphysical studies and the answers are fascinating. Just as God uses seed, and sun, and rain; and people who grow, and bake and deliver to give me my daily bread, there is a whole network of Beings ready to bring me God’s blessings.

First we have the Archangels and Angels who radiate pure unconditional love, power, strength, joy and whatever else we need in our lives. Then there are a huge realm of Ascended Masters and Councils of Light beings that are dedicated to specific issues: some to health and welfare, some to education, some to the environment, and so on. We also have many different civilizations living in many different forms and on different vibrational layers. These civilizations and forms have information that we don’t have, and they share gladly with us when asked.

Of course we all have our individual Soul Families and certain Guides and Guardian Angels that are assigned directly to us and are our immediate connection to all the other Beings of Light and eventually through the chain of command out to God, who is actually ALL. We should also never forget the Elemental Energies that are right here with us on the the surface of the Planet and help our bodies to function and the world to thrive.

Since God is pure love, and encompasses everything that is, it is hardly surprising that his system for taking care of us is highly efficient and flawless. It is. He has told us how to access this infallible network. Live by the ‘laws’: You get what you give. Your thoughts create your reality. Pray unceasingly. Fear not. All good things come to those that love the Lord. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.


Magic and miracles are all around us! We just need to pay attention in order to recognize them when they appear. Look closely at your everyday life – there are likely many small moments that could qualify as miraculous experiences if we take the time to notice them.

You can also create opportunities for yourself through activities related to spiritualism such as meditation, prayer, mindfulness practice, energy healing work etc.. With a bit of effort we can open ourselves up to more magical moments each day! So go forth with enthusiasm – seek out those miraculous experiences wherever they may hide!

So how do we experience these phenomena on a daily basis? The answer lies in being mindful and open-minded. By cultivating an attitude of openness and receptivity, we can become aware of small moments of magical possibilities that may arise in our lives each day. These could come in the form of unexpected coincidences or synchronicities that make us think twice about the universe around us.

Additionally, it’s important to keep gratitude at the forefront when experiencing magic or miracles; doing this will help ensure you remain connected with your inner source of power so you can manifest more positive energy into your life.

Whether you believe in magic or miracles (or both!), it’s important to remember that these phenomena exist all around us – if only we take notice! By being mindful and open-minded each day, we can tap into hidden sources of energy that will bring more wonder into our lives on a daily basis. So start looking for those magical moments today! Who knows what kind of amazing experiences you might find?

That’s it for today. Actually, it’s all we will ever need.

Many blessings, Elaine

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