Practical Meditation – Easy Guide on How to Get High By Yourself

I talk to people everyday that would love to meditate but they can’t find the time and they forget to make the time.

That’s understandable.

Our lives often run on automatic. The alarm clock starts us going, and we get caught up in the madness of life and just keep going as best we can.

Meditation is just deep focused thought on something. Often that something is worry, although most people don’t know that they have induced a meditative state by constant worrying. They have – it’s just not a very positive one. It can, however, be deep and focused and bring forth results. The results are usually something else to worry about.

calming your mind is the first step towards practical meditation

If you would like to introduce some easy positive meditative techniques into your life, let’s start with things you do everyday. How about brushing your teeth. You do it everyday, right? What do you think about while you brush your teeth? What you have to do next? What your day is going to look like? Are you thinking you are almost out of toothpaste and need to put it on the list? Unless you are already using this for meditative time, this is a great place to start. Or with your first cup of coffee, or while you are going to get the mail. You choose.

Start by becoming mindful of something you do every day and then become aware of what you are usually thinking about while you are doing it. Are your thoughts scattered? Are they productive? Are they making you happy? If they are not focused, happy and productive, then how about changing them?

Create a health mantra to accompany tooth brushing: ‘I am seeking in all ways to become healthier and happier’ – or – ‘I appreciate the good taste I have in my mouth right now’. Make it a habit to do it that way. Say it with focus and meaning. That’s meditation.

Think about beautiful, positive things when you are having your first cup of coffee or tea or water for the day. Say something like ‘I intend that everything I put into my body today serves me well and energizes me and refreshes me and enriches me’. That’s meditation. You can say it silently to yourself. Use your own words. No one else has to even know about it.

You are a creative being. Sit in your car before you take off and remind yourself of that several times. ‘ I am a creative being.’ Then tell yourself ‘I will be alert and safe during my journeys today’. Think about being alert and safe while you say it to yourself. That’s meditation. Practical meditation. For you – for now – for whatever you want it to be, whenever you want it to be, and whatever you want to do with it.

Many blessings, Elaine

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