The Quiet Revolution

The Quiet Revolution?

I was filled with a sense of delight when I read the headlines: ‘Terror Alert Fails To Faze Residents’ .

Despite the best efforts of the media and those in power to keep us frightened and under control, people were revolting. They were going about their business as usual. They were not giving in to panic. They were not going to let fear rule their lives.

That my friends is the most amazing Divine answer to the problems that plague mankind today.

Did you know it could be that simple?

the quiet revolution is starting to manifest more and more

I am not implying that overcoming fear is easy. It may indeed be the hardest thing you have ever had to personally do, because you have directly and indirectly been encouraged to be wary of things since the moment you were born.

Think about this: Our society is economically based on fear. It fuels our government. It fuels our health system. It feeds our justice system. Fear is a vibrational energy that feeds lower life forms. That is a fact. Corporations and individuals are getting rich off of fear. Take away their food, and you take away their power.

Next week I will address the personal fears that people have regarding their own individual lives, but today I would like you to look at the generalized sense of fear that is promoted every time you pick up a newspaper, or log onto the internet, or turn on the television. I would suggest that you listen to information with a new viewpoint and ask yourself this question: Is this information intended to inform me, so that I can be prepared for something, or to shock me into an emotional response by upsetting me?

The minute a newscast warns me that the upcoming information might be difficult to watch I turn the channel – and I don’t turn back. Whenever solicitation mail comes to me with gruesome pictures or words on the envelope, the envelope goes straight into the garbage without ever being opened. I am part of the quiet revolution.

I personally will have nothing to do anymore with anything that intends to inspire me to action by making me feel bad first! This is an important decision that everyone could make. Please give it some serious thought, and if it makes sense to you, join the quiet revolution.

We CAN change the world by trusting it instead of fearing it.

Please give it a try.


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