Quotes About Being Right And How Children Are Good At Pretending

Most children are very good at pretending. We give them toys and they can get very creative if they are allowed to play unhampered and unrestricted. An empty cardboard box could be anything from a spaceship to a castle. Unfortunately, I see a society where play is so structured, toys are so elaborate, and there is a right way and a wrong way to dress a doll.

That’s sad. Particularly since our imagination is such a powerful tool for creation. I hope you had a childhood where you were allowed to let your imagination roam free. I hope you never lost that ability.

Every single thing in our physical reality began as an idea somewhere, and all creation begins at the level of thought. We recreate our lives daily with the thoughts we think and the beliefs we bring to it. Day dreaming is a skill you were born with. If you seem to have left it somewhere along the way, you can reclaim it.

quotes about being right

Sit and imagine a perfect meal.

Relax and try to get a picture of what you would consider a perfect day. Is there someplace you have always wanted to go? Picture yourself getting the time off, having the money become available, and go ahead and make your mental plans. What would you wear? What would you see? Who would you want to accompany you? How would you travel?

Or picture your perfect job. What would you be doing? Would you be working alone or in a group? Feel yourself doing what you love, and imagine how great it would feel at the end of the day.

These are not idle exercises. If you really do want that job, or that trip, or that experience, or that feeling, it has to begin in your imagination to ever become real in the physical world. Your imagination sends out powerful energetic vibrations. They are like a magnetic boomerang circling around, gathering up compatible energy, and bringing it back to you.

These are not just personal creations, but when a great majority of us are using our imagination to picture the same outcome it becomes a very powerful tool for unified change. We have a lot of unrest in our world right now and the political situation is explosive and harsh. Let’s all picture and imagine and feel that our country is finally on the right track to our original intent – freedom and justice for all. Picture and feel a sense of brotherhood settling over the land.

Quotes on Being Right in Modern Times

In our modern world, it seems that being right is highly valued. We often seek to prove our point, defend our position, and justify our actions. However, there is a certain wisdom in recognizing that being right is not always the most important thing. In fact, many spiritual traditions teach that humility and compassion are far more valuable than being right.

One of the most famous quotes about being right comes from the Buddha, who said, “Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.” This quote reminds us that being right does not necessarily lead to peace or happiness. In fact, our attachment to being right can often lead to anger, resentment, and conflict. Instead, the Buddha teaches us to cultivate love and compassion towards others, even when they are wrong.

Another famous quote about being right comes from Albert Einstein, who said, “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” This quote reminds us that our perspective on what is right or wrong is often limited by our own experiences and biases. We should be careful not to judge others based on our own narrow view of the world.

When it comes to children and pretending, there is no shortage of examples. Children have vivid imaginations and are often able to create elaborate stories and scenarios in their minds. They may pretend to be superheroes, princesses, or explorers, and their make-believe worlds can be incredibly detailed and complex.

While some adults may dismiss children’s pretend play as mere fantasy, it is actually an important part of their development. Pretend play helps children to develop their creativity, problem-solving skills, and empathy. By pretending to be someone else, children learn to understand different perspectives and explore new ways of thinking and feeling.

In many ways, children’s ability to pretend is a form of humility. They are able to set aside their own ego and imagine themselves in different roles and situations. This kind of imaginative play is something that adults could learn from, as it can help us to be more open-minded and flexible in our thinking.

Being right is not always the most important thing. In fact, our attachment to being right can often lead to conflict and suffering. Instead, we should strive to cultivate humility, compassion, and creativity, and learn from the example of children who are so good at pretending. As the Buddha said, “Let us live happily, not hating those who hate us. Let us live happily, without hating anyone.”

Imagine everyone having their needs and desires met in the most beautiful ways.

Imagine all the water on the planet once again sparkling and clean and nourishing and freely available to everyone.

Imagine everyone feeling the beauty of what it’s like to send out loving thoughts.

Always remember that your imagination is a powerful tool for creation. All your actions result from ideas you have held first in your mind.

Please imagine well.

Many loving blessings!

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