Inspired Action Vs Reaction – Understanding

Today I’d like to talk about action vs reaction.

Or let’s put it another way and call it inspired action vs reaction.

We spend a lot of our time reacting to things. Something breaks and we need to fix it. Something is asked of us and we have to come up with an answer. Hundreds of things happen to us during our day to day and we react to what is going on around us.

We spend many hours dealing with stuff that happens all the time.

action vs reaction

There are two ways of dealing with all those things

We can get a little tense, immediately want to do something, and jump into decision making without much thought. We can get in the habit of running from one thing to another and trying to fix things quickly, and many people do this, and end up tense and anxious, wondering if they made the right decision or not.

Let’s call that reactionary rehavior. Now let’s look at responsive rehavior. We could call this inspired action. Things will happen to us all day and every day. But instead of jumping in to fix things too prematurely, let’s learn to calm down, slow down, and think. Last week at our Discussion Circle we talked about our abilities as creators. We absolutely, in every minute, consciously or unconsciously, send out the vibrations that attract the circumstances of our lives.

Once we thoroughly understand this, then we become powerful and we can choose to create, in cooperation with Spirit, for our highest and best. One of the beautiful aspects of this is that life actually gets easier and a lot more fun if we deliberately utilize inspired action, rather than jumping in with a quick reaction. After class I remembered that I had found my present car by using inspired action vs reaction.

My old car went suddenly and unexpectedly and left me a little bit shocked in the aftermath. I loved that old car. It was all paid for. Sad to say good-bye. The next day my husband wanted to go with me and drive me around to as many car dealerships as it would take, until we found a replacement. That was generous of him, but I just wasn’t “feeling it”.

Instead I spent the day home, without transportation, just thanking my old car for its many years of service. I meditated on all the aspects that would be important to me in a new car and I called on my friends in Spirit to start looking around. After all, they can see every car available everywhere, and know what kind of shape they are all in.

They’re pretty smart.

The next day I woke up with the thought to call a particular person involved with cars. That person could see me that day for 1/2 hour – or 2 days later when his whole afternoon was clear. Again I quietly checked in ‘upstairs’ and it felt right to wait 2 more days.

When I met with the salesman I had been drawn to, he had already checked all the cars in the area that fit my wish list, and had the one he thought would be the best fit ready for me to look at and test drive. It was perfect in every way. Four hours later I drove home in it, and it has been great every since. I could have just gotten ‘busy’ or ‘reactionary’ by running around and looking at dozens of cars.

I didn’t need to. I only needed to see one.

The right one.

In the same way I only need to make one phone call to get in touch with someone, if I allow my intuition to tell me when to pick up the phone, and when the person will be available at the other end.

I only need to pick up the one cantelope that I am gently and intuitively drawn to instead instead of grabbing the first one on the cantelope counter. You can jump right into things and spend a lot of time getting nowhere before you get to the place you want to be – or – you can be led to the right thing the first time.

Which way do you want to live your life?

That’s the power of inspired action vs reaction.

Blessings, Elaine

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