Why Are We Here On Earth And Other Essential Questions

It really is all about love.

When we are on the other side, before coming here, all we know is pure love. There are no degrees of love. Therefore, no competition, no jealousy, or comparisons. It is only when we come to earth that we get to look at it a whole different way. The planet of duality and free will offers you that point of view.

When you are here you can see love in all its aspects.

You can love a puppy or a hot fudge sundae or a beautiful day. You can love the feeling of comfort when your headache goes away. You can love your newborn or your partner. You can love more or less. You can love mildly and intensely. You can love a little or a lot. You can’t do that when you’re home with God. There you just love – openly, completely and forever.

Essential spiritual questions on why we are here on Earth

Why are we here on Earth? This is a question that has been on the mind of spiritual enthusiasts for centuries. There are many theories and beliefs about why we are here, but no one can really know for sure. However, what we can do is try to find our purpose in life and live it to the best of our ability. If we can do that, then maybe we can find some answers to this essential question. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this blog post!

Why are we here on Earth instead of another planet or dimension?

Even with the immensely vast universe filled with possibility, it’s interesting to ponder why we are here on Earth as opposed to somewhere else. While there is no definitive answer, it is possible that our planet happens to be one of the best options out there. It has a perfect distance from the sun, which provides the right atmosphere for sustenance, and its size allows for a larger range of diversity. In addition, the gravitational force is ideal for living members of the animal kingdom. Interestingly enough, some have suggested that Earth may actually have been chosen for its inhabitants due to its properties being just right for human life – precisely what we needed in order to exist and thrive.

What is the purpose of life and what is our ultimate goal as spiritual beings having a human experience?

Trying to answer the question of what the purpose of life is can be incredibly daunting and difficult, but ultimately, it comes down to this: A meaningful life is defined by yourself. It’s an intensely personal thing – no two people have the same ultimate goal, motivations or values. Everyone has a unique purpose that is up for them to find and pursue. From a spiritual perspective, our shared human experience makes us deeply connected to one another and encourages us to seek our higher truth in order to live more fully and joyfully. We all have our own spiritual paths that guide us towards fulfillment and help us discover who we really are so that we can live out our dreams in alignment with our true calling.

Do we continue to exist after death and, if so, what form do we take – energy, spirit, soul, or something else entirely different from what we know now?

Death is a great mystery, and the answer to whether or not we continue to exist after death in some form or another is one that has been pondered for centuries. Those who believe in an afterlife often point to unusual events and sightings as evidence – from near-death experiences to ghost sightings and even the possibility of reincarnation – to support the notion that something more exists after death. It is difficult for us at this stage of human evolution to know for sure what truly happens when we die, but it can be comforting to consider how else we may exist beyond our bodies complying with the laws of nature. We may never truly understand what lies in store for us on the other side, but whatever it is will surely bring with it a profound sense of peace and penultimate freedom from the boundaries of the physical world.

How can we connect with our higher selves or God/the Universe/Source energy to receive guidance and answers to our questions about life and existence itself?

Connecting with our higher selves or God/the Universe/Source energy can offer us great insight and guidance. Although it is difficult at first, we must open our minds and hearts to receive the answers that are out there. We start by quieting our thoughts and focusing on being present in the moment, allowing ourselves to be receptive to the messages that are trying to come forward. Through meditation or other spiritual practices like yoga and breath work, we can draw closer through listening to our inner voice or allowing visualizations and recurring symbols or messages to enter into our consciousness. Seeking counsel from spiritual mentors or teachers is another way we can bring clarity into our lives. With an open heart and willingness to learn, we can access a powerful source of divine guidance that can help us throughout all aspects of life.

Are there other intelligent forms of life in the universe and have they visited us here on Earth already or are they trying to contact us in some way that we don’t yet understand fully?

Although we may never know the answer to this long-term debate, there’s no denying that the possibility of intelligent life forms existing in other parts of the universe remains an intriguing one. Many believe these life forms are capable of travelling across vast interstellar distances and visiting our own humble planet, or attempting to contact us through sophisticated communication methods. Of course, such high-tech capabilities could easily explain why we’re yet to hear from them; if they exist, either their signals are too weak for us to detect or simply beyond our capability to comprehend. The thought of something so mysterious out there can be inspiring however, as it shows that even if humans have “mastered” space exploration through robotic probes and distant telescopes – there’s still so much left to unveil in the mysterious breadth of the universe.

So why are we here on earth?

One reason we came to earth is to explore free will. When you are home with God you want nothing but God’s will. You understand there is nothing better. You could not want for more. You are absolutely complete and joyful when you live in the will of God. Here we are free to do it our way. We created and experienced duality and diversity. Since our way has caused war and pain and lack and fear, we may want to consider going back to God’s will.

Many people are in the process of choosing that right now.So why on earth did we separate ourselves from perfection? Why did we come here at all? Why are we here on earth? In the beginning, it was for the excitement and the exploration. It was to bring new experiences back to God and it was a blessed and worthy venture. Then as we began to separate ourselves from God’s will, we fell in vibration and consciousness. At that point we started coming back to earth, reincarnation after reincarnation, to repair what we had damaged.

We came to restore what we had destroyed. The next wave of volunteers to earth came to assist the restoration by bringing in truth and light. That is where we are now. You are probably a composite of all three.

Initially, you were an explorer. Then you came as a restorer. Now you are here as a light holder or light worker. You may be a bridge builder, holding the blueprints for moving from the old to the new. You may carry the vibrations of a master who has moved beyond the energetic confines of the 3rd and 4th dimensions, and you can hold a higher frequency for the masses to attune too.You came to earth for a reason – probably many reasons over many lives.

You are here for a reason now – to bring new light and new vibrations and help the planet, and all her people, heal and ascend in consciousness. Coming to earth was and is a big deal. Please honor it and do your job well. We’ve learned everything we came to learn and more.

Let’s finish this job of restoration and get on with the party.

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