Responding To Life Is A Characteristic Of Life – When Things Don’t Seem To Be Working Out

A funny thing sometimes happens when we have wonderful enlightening moments, feel good and centered, and decide to tell God ‘okay, I’m ready to grow again.’ We go outside to get in our car, and we have a flat tire – or there is an upsetting message waiting on our phone – or we run smack into something and hurt ourselves, or something else happens that seems completely at odds with our new well-intentioned outlook on life. And we say ‘what the heck’ – or something similar 🙂 – I want to grow closer to God and enlightenment and this is how I am rewarded?

Kinda makes you sorry you ever had that wonderful meditative moment, doesn’t it?

And so today I hope to explain a little bit about why that sometimes happens, and what it means when it happens, and what to do when it happens.

Why we need to pay attention to responding to life

I’m going to tell you a story because that’s how my angels explain things to me. So let’s pretend for a few minutes. Let’s pretend that before you incarnate and are born into the 3rd dimension on earth, you decide how much spiritual growth you want to have while you are here, in order to achieve the goals you want to achieve.

You are already a very high-level multidimensional being, so coming in on the 3rd floor and climbing to the 11th in one lifetime may not be at all what you care about. Maybe what you want to learn about is all happening on the 3rd floor (in the 3rd dimension) and so you stay there – you learn what you came to learn – and you go home.

Now, probably not many of us did that. Most of us were born on the 3rd floor (into the 3rd dimension), and we aspired to get to the 6th or 7th or 8th or 11th, or maybe at least the 5th floor (5th-dimensional level) where most of us are residing right now. How far we go is all about what we want to learn and what we wanted to accomplish and what we wanted to contribute.

It’s different for everybody. and it’s purely a vibrational thing.

Sometimes we need guidance when responding to life

Let’s go back to our planning session before we came here. Maybe we decided to climb to the 11th. Before we incarnated we put things for ourselves on each new floor to find when we get there – some challenges for growth and some blessings for enjoyment. The enjoyments are our rewards for climbing the stairs, and the challenges are to help us get ready to climb the next set of stairs – after all – that’s what WE decided to do before we got here.

So we have that wonderful enlightening moment; we climb the stairs, and what is the first thing we find?

One of the challenges we put for ourselves was finding and working out so we would be ready for the next staircase! Because we knew beforehand how we’d be responding to life and this is our best way of fixing things.

Now in the greater scheme of things, we figured out that by the time we climbed up to the 6th, let’s say, we would have accumulated the necessary tools (self-healing, forgiveness, acceptance, whatever) to be able to deal with the challenge without too much trouble, to learn what we wanted to learn, and more or less just get on with things.

If we meet that challenge with upset and distress, which most of us do most of the time, it will take us a little longer to remember that we have the tools to deal with it. If we didn’t have the tools in our toolbox we could have never climbed the last flight of stairs in the first place.

Now if this makes you just want to sit down, and stay put, and forget your spiritual healing path so that you can avoid any more challenges in life, I’m sad to report that won’t work. You gave your angels instructions that at a certain point, if you did not go willingly up the staircase that YOU created for yourself, they were to drag you there by any means possible.

That means that instead of a flat tire, your car might have been crushed flat by a giant truck of some sort. Instead of a cold you could end up in the hospital with pneumonia. I’m not sure that is what would exactly happen, but that is the picture my angels are giving me as sort of an analogy to help me understand how this all works – and today I’m sharing it with you, in case some of you are facing challenges and wondering why.

Nobody is out to get us. In fact, this is real divine guidance on a microcosmical scale.

We are just doing what most humans do – climbing the stairs and discovering all the stuff we put on the next floor.

Of course, there are cases where we resist to such an extreme that our angels are unable to get us to move, and so sometimes we spend our whole lives stuck. We eventually die, have our life review, and say, “wow – I really messed that one up” – “next time I incarnate, I better go in with a better plan,” – and so that turns out to be soul growth too.

But much slower and absolutely not as much fun.

And sometimes the challenges we meet are really tough, even though we are equipped to deal with them, they can still hurt a lot. We probably have aspirations to climb really high in this lifetime and at the time we put our plan together is seemed like a good idea.

One of the things I have learned here on earth is that in my next pre-birth planning session, I am going to pay a lot more attention to my advisors when they say ‘that might hurt – you might not want to put that one in – and I insist, “Oh, I’ll be fine.”

So please, whatever you do, don’t get down on yourself – or God – when things don’t seem to be working out – maybe they are. Find your gratitude, say your prayers, remember everything you have learned up to this point, and please don’t lose your sense of humor.

This is earth – you’re going to need it.

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