What Does God Give Us That Money Can’t Buy?

What does God give us – and to all humanity – and to all the Angels and all creation?


Absolutely everything.

Nothing is ever held back.

God gives all He is.

His essence is to be found within every speck of his creation. And He gives in pure joy. Do you consider that very often? That God is joyous? That He exists in a state of perfect balance? And holds the universe in perfect balance? – He gives all He is in purest love and joy, and He receives back everything His creation has to offer in purest love and joy.

Thus the balance is always maintained. An orderly Universe, and indeed the Multi-verses, could not continue eternally any other way. And so his Angels – who carry his patterns with no distortions – reflect this joy to us. They give and give and give to us and, like God, they receive in like measure.

And then we get to the humans. Same rules apply to us. We get what we give, always and forever, and without exception. We have available, for our use, all the joy and energy of God and the angels. We also have the implanted and inherited distortions and blocks that cause us so much pain and grief.

what does God give us?

We may not like to admit that our lives are our creations, but they are. We planned them on the other side before coming here because we wanted to experience something. Maybe richness – maybe poverty. Maybe success – maybe failure. Maybe health – maybe sickness. Our choice – always our choice. And then we get to choose, after we arrive here, how to deal with the situations we created for ourselves. Sometimes we pass the tests we designed.

Sometimes we fail. Nevertheless, when we go home, we dissect them and learn something from them. Earth is school. Soul-growth school. And all our experiences go back to God. And God grows because of our gifts. Did you know that? That God is growing too? With every experience you have, and offer Him, He expands – and thus has even more to offer you. God is love. God is joy. God is all.

He didn’t cause your pain. He can’t take it away without your complete cooperation and use of your creative abilities. Just thought it might be the kind of day that called for a little introspection about God.

In a world where we are bombarded with messages telling us that we need to buy this or that in order to be happy, it can be easy to forget what truly matters in life. While money can buy some things that make our lives more comfortable, there are some things that it simply cannot purchase.

Here are just a few of the things that God gives us that money can’t buy.


Love is a powerful emotion that cannot be described in just a few words. The feeling of being ‘in love’ can vary from person to person and often is hard to pinpoint or explain. In general, love can describe intense affection and attraction between two people, who may show the emotions through small acts of service and kind gestures. Acts of kindness, admiration and appreciation are also associated with falling in love. Some cultures even have its own specific ceremony or rituals related to being in love which further demonstrate how diverse this emotion can be across different parts of the world.


Forgiveness can be a difficult and painful process, but it is often extremely liberating. It can be challenging to forgive those who have hurt us, but in the end, letting go and forgiving deepens our sense of safety and wellbeing while allowing us to move beyond our pain. By taking responsibility for our own hurt and grievance, we gain power by releasing any expectations that others will do what is right or wrong for us.

Moreover, forgiveness gives us the opportunity to express understanding, compassion and empathy for the ones who hurt us. Through this process of making peace with ourselves and accepting our experiences as part of our journey, we create more space for love, joy and connection in our lives.


Mercy has been considered one of the greatest virtues for centuries, encouraged through multiple religions and philosophies by renowned figures such as Socrates and the Dalai Lama. It is used to describe somebody’s willingness to forgive or provide compassion for another person even when it might not be deserved. It is seen as an altruistic act, requiring great humility and courage to truly practice on a daily basis.

Many believe that mercy is a form of strength stemming from inner peace and understanding; capable of inspiring others to demonstrate similar values in their lives, showing mercy towards themselves and others no matter the circumstances. Ultimately, mercy can be expressed in many different ways but its meaning remains the same: kindness will always triumph over hatred and punishment.


Grace is a beautiful quality that can bring great joy and peace to every situation. It has the ability to gently meet difficult life circumstances with understanding and kindness, often creating situations of greater connection than strife. Thinking with grace means understanding things from different perspectives and honouring both sides of any opinion.

Furthermore, grace can be found in small acts such as smile that turn a day around or an acknowledgement that brings healing from hurt. Ultimately, grace is a force for incredible good; if we were to welcome it into our lives a little more, we would start to create emotionally healthy relationships and create a world with more love and less hostility.


Redemption is a difficult yet rewarding process that involves atoning for past wrongs or poor decisions. It requires self-reflection, humility and courage to make amends and take ownership of previous misdeeds. However, the act of redemption in itself can be powerful and fulfilling, as it provides an opportunity for personal growth and the chance to rebuild relationships broken by mistakes.

This emphasizes how valuable redemption can be, regardless of its challenging nature; it allows people to reconstruct relationships with themselves and with others as they move forward into a better place.


Faithfulness is a noble quality that reflects a deep inner commitment to the things we value. It goes beyond mere loyalty and involves staying true to our beliefs and our obligations, whether these are conscious or implicit. Faithfulness demonstrates our dependability and reliability in order for us to maintain healthy, vibrant relationships with other people.

Our faithfulness serves as a sign of honor and respect, allowing us to be trusted partners and build strong connections in every aspect of life. Being faithful enriches our character and brings harmony into our day to day activities; it is the manifestation of the utmost love we have for all that matters. Cultivating faithfulness can ultimately lead to an optimized version of ourselves, capable others with an impeccable sense of integrity.

Final remarks

Love, forgiveness, mercy, grace, redemption and faithfulness are the ultimate truths of life. Each one has an unmistakable influence on our lives, how we empathize with others and how we move forward in our relationships. Through these values, we can develop strong bonds that are lasting through time and covered in sincerity.

In order to create a meaningful life for ourselves and for those around us, we must understand the true meaning of these concepts. Love is not all about receiving; it needs to be expressed so that your partner knows that you really do care for them. Forgive those who wronged you and seek reconciliation with them. Find solace in mercy when feeling overwhelmed. Have faith that there will always be something better waiting for you no matter what situation you may find yourself in today.

The power of grace helps us stay blessed even if times get rough. When facing particularly difficult adversities never forget the power of redemption because bad things can always turn around if given the right attitude.

Show your trustworthiness by being loyal to people you truly care about and make sure they know as well how deeply genuine your loyalty runs. It may take some hard work but if lived faithfully, these values will reward us with a life full of joys.


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