What Does Astral Plane Look Like? A Short Guide To This Incredible Universe

The astral plane is a dimension of consciousness that exists beyond the physical world.

It is said to be where our souls reside when not incarnated in a physical body. Many believe that the astral plane is where we go when we die. It is even possible to visit the astral plane while still alive through practices like lucid dreaming and meditation.

In this article, we will explore what the astral plane is, how it is said to be accessed, and what some of its purported benefits are. After reading this guide, you will have a better understanding of this fascinating concept and maybe even be inspired to explore it further for yourself.

What Does The Astral Plane Look Like?

The astral plane is a dimension of consciousness that exists beyond the physical world. It is often described as being much like the world we inhabit now, except without form. This means that on the astral plane, there are no physical bodies or objects – only energy and pure consciousness. Try to imagine a world without any limitations whatsoever – that is what the astral plane is said to be like.

There are said to be many benefits to accessing the astral plane. Some believe that it can help us connect with our higher selves, overcome fears and blocks, and even heal from trauma or illness.

Others say that visiting the astral plane can be a fun and exciting experience in itself!

Essentially there’s no way to answer the question “what does the astral plane look like”. This is something each of us have to find out for ourselves.

What does the astral plane look like? You need to discover on your own

How Can We Access the Astral Plane?

There are many different ways said to be effective for accessing the astral plane. The most well-known method is probably lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming occurs when you become aware that you are dreaming while you are still asleep. Once you become aware, you can take control of the dreamscape and explore wherever your mind takes you – including the astral plane!

Meditation is another popular method for accessing the astral plane. To meditate for this purpose, simply close your eyes and allow your mind to quieten down. Once you reach a state of deep relaxation, begin picturing yourself floating upwards and out of your physical body. Imagine yourself moving through space until you reach the astral plane. You may even want to try setting an intention beforehand, such as exploring a specific topic or meeting a particular guide or teacher.

Lower Vibrational Levels and a little interlude

What happens to a really bad person, maybe an abuser, who never saw the light on earth? What happens to him when he dies? Well, he goes to an astral level that matches him perfectly and he is surrounded by souls who are as dark as he is. We have given that lower, slower vibrational level a name. We call it hell.

In this place he is going to have to look at everything he has ever done, and he will have to feel the pain that he has inflicted. Like every other soul he will always have the Grace of God available to him, though. A higher-level being will repeatedly come to offer him some light and encourage him to face his deeds. Maybe he will seek forgiveness and accept God’s love, maybe he won’t. The choice will be his. The gift of God’s love will always be available. But initially, and until he asks for help, he will be stuck in one of the lower heavenly levels.

Perhaps that is where the story of eternal damnation came from. He may be there for a very, very long time because God will give him every opportunity possible to begin to grow back into the light again. He however stayed in the lower vibrations.

What if after every opportunity given, the soul is not evolving in any way? What if he seems incapable of accepting even the smallest gift of love? Then a process of devolution will begin. The soul’s energy will be lowered and he will give up consciousness and go back to a very basic state of being as pure energy.

If these are new understandings for you, they come as gifts. New awareness and new understanding are part of our evolution and growth as souls. The more we grow, the more new things we will be offered.

I am blessed to be on this new learning path with all of you.

Beyond the End of Life

I often compare life on Earth to boarding school, and death as the start of summer vacation. Today I’d like to talk a little bit more about the life review we all go through – that session we have with our advisor to plan what comes next.

Many people feel, and rightly so, that they are about to graduate. Their time at school is ended and now they need to decide whether to go on to grad school, go into some profession, go into the family business, or take time off to travel and explore something new.

Many of us are actually discovering that we have already graduated from a school just like this one somewhere else and we are here as student teachers or even full professors. That doesn’t make us better than our students, just older and hopefully wiser.

During our life review we will look at how well we did teaching and sharing and how well we took advantage of the seminars teachers are expected to take to remain constantly aware of the most comprehensive methods and new technologies.

If you are here in the capacity of a student teacher or professor, you have certain professional standards to maintain, so those will also be covered in your life review as well. Spiritual growth is a constant no matter what plane of existence or level of density one lives in. Students can always get better at what they do. Teachers can always get better at what they do.

Just because your 5 year old will get better and older and wiser, doesn’t mean you don’t love her, accept her, and find joy in her today with her 5 year old capabilities. That’s how God loves us – right where we are and how we are today. You may face the end of life with some sadness and nostalgia because you remember the good times. You may face the end of life with relief because it’s been kind of tough down here.

Nevertheless, the joy of being Home again will quickly replace any of that, and you will always have your mental photos and memories. The contributions you made, the friends you made, and the things you learned will be yours forever.


The astral plane is an intriguing concept with a long history dating back thousands of years. Though it remains largely shrouded in mystery, many say anyone can access this mystical realm – through practices like lucid dreaming and meditation. Some believe visiting the astral plane can offer many benefits, such as helping us connect with our higher selves, overcoming fears and blocks, and even healing from trauma or illness.

If you’re curious about this concept and would like to explore it further, why not give one of these methods a try?

Who knows – maybe you’ll discover something unique about yourself in the process!

I guarantee that you will be amazed at what you discover and bless you in your journey.

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