We Are Not Alone: A Short Essay On Guardian Angels And The Vital Help They Provide

We spoke before about how to meet your guardian angels and spirit guides in your sleep

So, this article is about a different take.

If you are human, you probably have your share of days that seem hard. You may have had occasions where you felt like everybody else was getting a break and you weren’t. If you were raised in a strongly religious home, as I was, you might have been led to believe that God blessed some people more than others. You may have wondered why. You may sometimes wonder why you have problems in your life when you are trying your best to do everything you can to do things right.

Sometimes your difficulties can fall under the heading of ‘you get what you give. If you have given less than your best, you might have your answer Many times, though, you give your best, and things still don’t seem to be coming back in like measure.

Sometimes your problems can be traced to energy patterns.

Here’s an example:

If you are scared of doing something and moving forward with your life, that fear may show up as knee problems. Or you may have brought the tendency toward knee problems into this life to cure it. Or someone might be sending you bad vibes to keep you from moving ahead in your life – or you may have been careless, and you fell.

The reason you may have problems in your life, however, is not because the good Lord is not loving you or blessing you as much as the guy next to you.

Guardian angels are everywhere we go

You are loved and blessed more than you know. You are being helped in every minute to try to figure it out and make it better.

If your problems are manifesting because of some underlying fear, then search out the root cause and deal with it. Forgive whoever needs to be forgiven, including yourself. Learn whatever needs to be learned. Face whatever needs to be faced, and love whoever needs to be loved. Your guardian angels will help with that.

If your problems are manifesting because you brought them into this life to heal them, then declare your willingness to let them go. Forgive whoever needs to be forgiven, even if you don’t know who they are. Be willing to learn whatever needs to be learned. Face whatever needs to be faced, and love everybody all the time despite who they are and what they do. They are troubled souls on a path of learning just like you are. You don’t have to like the behavior, but you must make peace with their soul if you are to have any peace yourself.

If your problems are coming to you because someone else is sending negativity in your direction, then learn how to block it and transmute it. And then forgive whoever needs to be forgiven, learn whatever needs to be learned, face whatever needs to be faced, and bring love back into your life as the central theme. Again, your guardian angels can help you also with this.

There will, undoubtedly, always be things you can’t understand and figure out. Nevertheless, there is one thing you can know with absolute certainty, and that is that God loves you. God wants the best for you. God is ready to give you guidance whenever you ask. God has provided you with guardian angels and a whole team in Spirit that is dedicated to you. When you have problems in this free-will world, God cares – a lot.

I hope that knowledge can bring you some peace in the midst of your life.

Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

You have them.

Actually, you have a complete team on the other side that is dedicated to your welfare.

Only the bravest made the journey to earth. Many other spiritual entities didn’t want to endure this type of human experience, but they promised to watch over you and help you navigate this world. They gain information and understanding through your experiences. Plus, they love you – more than you can ever imagine.

Do you understand their presence and their power in your life? Sadly, many people don’t. People will pray to God, who sends your team into action, but then those same people don’t know what to do next. Or people may call their guardians directly and still don’t know what to do next.

If you need help from heavenly forces, be a little bit specific. Your Guardian Angel and your Spirit Guides may read your auric field and see distress, but they may not realize that the distress is because of a flat tire or something you just read in an e-mail.

If you contracted with them for certain restrictions before you made this earth trip, they might be limited in their ability to help. Perhaps you intended to meet a particular person to learn a specific lesson. Let’s imagine the person is difficult, and you keep asking your spiritual team to get them out of your life. That may not be possible until the lesson is learned. They will, however, try to bring you all the comfort they can and all the information you need to learn the lesson and move on.

Perhaps you really, really, really want independence and freedom, and so you have your heart set on a car, thinking that will fulfill your needs. They see the bigger picture, though. They see better opportunities to bring you the independence you want. They see problems associated with car ownership that they know you wouldn’t want.

So please keep praying, please keep trusting and please keep asking. Keep the communication lines open. Learn to wait for answers. Then learn to see gifts that comes wrapped in a different way than you expected. When something wonderful and unexpected does drop into your daily life, remember to give thanks.

Your Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides are hard at work round the clock sending blessings and loving you. Once you get a relationship going, you may remember how much you love them too.

Do You Know How To Use The Delete Key?

You know all about the law of attraction.

You know that anger and self-pity and lashing out are unproductive – and you try hard not to go there. But sometimes, someone makes you mad. Sometimes something unfair comes to you, and you can’t help feeling sorry for yourself. Sometimes you want to cry – or hit something. You are human. This is planet Earth. It happens.

If you don’t want those emotions to go out into the ethers to contaminate the extraordinary life you are trying to build, you might try this: Sit down for a heart-to-heart talk with your Guardian Angel – your Guardian is also your Gate Keeper, monitoring energies in and energies out.

Tell your Guardian that your intention is only to spread love and light out into the world. Ask that anything less than loving not be sent out immediately but saved to your draft folder.

Look at it tomorrow when you are in a better emotional frame of mind.

If you are sorry for your reaction, just hit the delete key.

Problem solved.

Namaste, Elaine

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