What They Don’t Want You To Know: The Truth About UFO Spotted

Several weeks ago 6 retired military personal spoke to the United Press Club about their experiences with aircraft that they believe to be from some other place than Earth. These are well-respected and credible gentlemen, and they have called for – yet again – full disclosure of what our government knows about UFO activity.

On Oct. 13 2010 in New York City for several hours many people watched lights in the sky that hovered in place – the thousands of people watching believed the lights were Alien in nature and peaceful in their presence, and the FAA said it can’t be anything because it doesn’t show up on radar. Most of the world, with the exception of the United States, is far ahead of us in their acknowledgement that the Earth has been visited by others – actually our parent races from other places.

This validates what psychics and seers and visionaries have known for a long, long time. Life did not originate on this Planet. The One God that we all revere has placed millions of suns and millions of stars and millions of forms of life in infinite diversity and beauty in this Universe of ours. We are at a pivotal place in history and time.

We can continue to spiritually mature, with the assistance of our off world families that have long been hidden from our consciousness, or we can devolve and remain in a state of childhood and ignorance. Today I hope only that you will expand your consciousness to include the belief that what we don’t know far exceeds what we do know, and that there is much for the human race to learn.

The truth about UFO spotted

Have you ever spotted a UFO? If so, what did you think it was? A spaceship full of extraterrestrial life? Or something more sinister?

The truth is, we don’t really know what UFOs are. There have been many sightings of them over the years, but no one has been able to prove definitively what they are. Some people believe that they are spaceships from other civilizations, while others believe that they are demonic beings sent to Earth to torment us. Whatever the case may be, UFOs remain a mystery.

What UFOs are actually spotted around the world, and why they’re often misidentified

UFOs are spotted all around the world, and the range of sightings is vibrant and varied. From mysterious lights in the heavens to inexplicable metal discs hovering in the sky, UFOs have been sighted throughout history and across global cultures – but what people are actually seeing can often be misidentified. Aircraft, planets and stars have all been mistaken as signs of alien life due to their unfamiliarity. Other times, weather balloons and military aircraft been seen as evidence of a UFO invasion.

It’s part of why we use the term ‘unidentified flying object’ – so that these seemingly strange occurrences can be studied more closely before passing judgement on them.

The most famous UFO sightings in history, and what makes them so compelling

Some of the most iconic UFO sightings throughout history, such as the alleged Roswell incident in 1947, remain shrouded in mystery and controversy. Furthermore, UFO sightings from the past century are usually far more compelling due to the lack of available technology at the time.

For example, one of the earliest reported events occurred between Oakville and Lebanon, Ohio on October 11th, 1912 when over 150 people saw a diamond-shaped aircraft powered without any noticeable means. Such reports invoke our curiosity as to why this occurred and provide compelling evidence that something could have been happening outside of our understanding.

Whether or not these occurrences were really extraterrestrial or just other forms of earthly based activity, they still remains one of mankind’s biggest questions and some of our most talked about sightings.

How UFOs have been depicted in popular culture over the years

Over the years, UFOs have helped to provide an intense source of fascination for people in popular culture. From B-movies to comic books, the idea of extraterrestrial visitors has served as an endless source of inspiration. However, this fascination also speaks to something much greater–the fascination with the unknown, which can be found in works throughout history ranging from ancient cave artworks depicting starry nightscapes, to today’s mysterious and complex depictions of outer space.

In fact, remembering how human curiosity has been sparked by unexplained phenomena is a reminder that there is still much we don’t yet understand about the universe.

What scientists say about the possibility of extraterrestrial life visiting our planet

Scientists have been debating the possibility of extraterrestrial life visiting our planet for many years. While definitive proof has yet to be identified, some experts are convinced that alien visitors have come to Earth in the past. Some suggest that ancient cave drawings and megalithic monuments might provide evidence of visitation from aliens in times past. Others believe that crop circles are a sign of alien visitors, pointing to their complex patterns that evolution could hardly explain. Overall, we cannot know if these theories are absolutely valid or outright false, but experts who study the possibility of alien visits remain ever vigilant.

Whether or not you believe in UFOs, there’s no denying that they’re a fascinating topic!

While most people have mixed feelings on the existence of UFOs, there’s no arguing that they are an enthralling topic to ponder. It has captivated minds since as far back as the 19th century, with reports and sightings of strange aerial objects everywhere from Europe to the United States.

Countless movies, books, and television shows explore the idea of extraterrestrial life visiting Earth; this almost mythical concept has inspired creative individuals across continents and generations. Whether we believe them to be real or not, UFOs remain a source of captivating mysteries that the world just can’t seem to get enough of!

It’s clear that the topic of UFOs has captured the imaginations of people for many generations. It’s not hard to see why; from eyewitness accounts of strange flying objects, to conspiracy theories about aliens visiting us from another planet, there is plenty of room for our own interpretations and creativity. Whatever you believe regarding the reality of UFO sightings, it’s a subject that seems destined to generate both interest and debate for years to come.

While it might be easy to dismiss all reported sightings as mere fiction or figments of an overactive imagination, it’s worth giving these reports a second thought. After all, who knows what else might be out there in the great vastness of space – maybe even some form of extraterrestrial life!

Today I hope you will understand that our Government has kept us from the knowledge of who we truly are, perhaps well-meaning, believing we couldn’t handle the truth, but I am not a child any longer. I welcome the truth. I can handle the truth about UFOs and otherworldly truths. I think you can too. The last pope, before he left this realm, also admitted to the existence of other life forms, besides those we know.

In the coming days and months as sightings and stories increase, I hope you will join me in being grateful that there are enough open minded people ready to embrace new truths. Left to our own devices and doing what we have always done will only cause the eventual destruction of all our natural resources and even more never ending wars.

May you believe in the possibility of a beautiful new world, and the ability of the human Spirit to transcend the present and embrace the future. Blessings, Elaine

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