Believe and Receive – 5 Ways in Which The Power of the Mind Affects Reality

Most of us have some idea about the power of the mind, but to what extent?

We all know by this time that our thoughts are creating our reality. Our thoughts and emotions create our reality. The better we understand how the mind works, the better we can control our thoughts and emotions and create the life we want to live.

What we believe to be true shapes our reality. Our thoughts and emotions are like a powerful magnet, attracting experiences that match our inner state. If we want to change our lives, we need to change our minds.

If you are following a spiritual path that involves any form of personal energy manipulation, the first thing you need to understand is that your success begins and ends in the mind. All healing, growth, astral trip, and what-have-you depend on the power of the mind. It doesn’t matter whether you are practicing Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, mindfulness daily, or even a simple stoic mantra to brighten your day, your success (or lack thereof) on that area depends heavily on how well you use this powerful tool between your ears.

And we need to make a very important distinction: the brain is a receiver of consciousness, not consciousness itself. It’s like an antenna that houses your soul and other vibrational frequencies that then translate it into what we call the “mind”.

Here are five ways in which the mind creates reality.

First of all, let’s enumerate some of the amazing abilities our mind has:

1. The mind is creative

The mind is a creative force, constantly generating new thoughts, ideas, and images. Our beliefs shape our reality by determining what we pay attention to and give meaning to. What we focus on expands. If we want to change our lives, we need to change our minds.

2. The mind is a filter

The mind acts like a filter, screening out information that doesn’t fit with our beliefs and preconceptions. This selective filtering process means that we only see and hear what supports our existing beliefs, and everything else is ignored.

3. The mind is a projector

The mind projects our beliefs, emotions, and expectations onto the world around us, coloring our perception of reality. If we believe that the world is a dangerous place, we will see danger everywhere. If we believe that people are untrustworthy, we will see betrayal at every turn.

4. The mind is a time machine

The mind has the power to take us back in time or propel us into the future. Through memories and imagination, we can relive past experiences or create future ones. Our mental time travel affects how we see the present moment because it’s influenced by our past or future projections. And what we believe turns out to be what we end up experience within ourselves.

5. The mind is a storyteller

The mind loves to tell stories, often creating narratives that have little basis in reality. We may tell ourselves stories about who we are or who other people are, and these stories shape our understanding of the world around us. If we want to change our lives, it’s important to become aware of the stories we’re telling ourselves so that we can choose ones that empower us rather than limit us.

Some important concepts about the power of the mind

We all experience reality differently. What one person perceives as real may be entirely different from what another person experiences. And yet, despite these differences, we all exist in the same physical world. So how is it that we can have such different realities?

The answer lies in the fact that reality is created by the mind. More specifically, the reality is a product of our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions.

Here are five ways in which the mind creates reality:

1. Thoughts influence our perceptions

Have you ever noticed how your mood can affect the way you see the world around you? If you’re feeling happy, everything seems to be going your way. But if you’re feeling down, it seems like nothing is going right. This is because our thoughts influence our perceptions.

2. Emotions color our experiences

Emotions are powerful things. They can dictate how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. And they can also color our experiences. For example, if you’re feeling fear, you may perceive a situation as being more dangerous than it actually is. Or if you’re feeling love, you may see the best in people even when they make mistakes.

3. Beliefs shape our realities

Beliefs are another powerful force that shapes our realities. What we believe to be true will often become true for us, simply because we believe it to be so. This is why it’s so important to be careful about what we allow ourselves to believe.

4. Memories define our pasts

Our memories play a big role in shaping our realities because they define our pasts. What we choose to remember (and forget) about our past experiences will influence how we see ourselves and the world around us.

5. Imagination creates new worlds

Last but not least, imagination plays a role in creating reality because it allows us to create new worlds—both in our minds and in the physical world around us. Through imagination, we can come up with new ideas and bring them into existence. We can also use imagination to escape from reality when needed (e..g., when reality is too painful or difficult to deal with).


As you can see, the power of the mind plays a big role in creating reality—both for individuals and for society as a whole. Our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, memories, and imaginations all contribute to the way we experience the world around us. So next time you find yourself questioning your reality, remember that it’s not necessarily the objective truth that you’re seeing; it’s your mind’s version ofreality based on its individual biases and preferences.

We should have enough experiences under our belt to look back and see what happens when we are positive and expecting the best, and when we are in a slump and expecting the worst. Even those that don’t understand and work with energy will believe they can have a ‘lucky streak’. They will also acknowledge that ‘when it rains it pours’

Of course, this is Earth. Bad things can happen even on our best days, and miracles can find their way through when we are down in the dumps – however, it is sure easier to stay in the positive flow than to constantly fall out of it, and then have to struggle your way back in.

Believe and receive

Some personal considerations

I know that – it is a part of me, and yet – sometimes I mess it up. I hear the current political arguments and accusations going back and forth and I start to be concerned about my country’s future. I buy into the propaganda that the media is trying to feed the public, and I react in spite of myself.

At those times I need to take a deep breath, and say ‘wait a minute’. My future is not dependent upon mass consciousness anymore. And even more important is the fact that mass consciousness is always influenced by my belief system – and yours – and our friends.

So in spite of the Corona virus, (which just needs us to send the balance to it, by the way – not fear); and in spite of the Supreme Court being used as a pawn by divisive people who want to keep us divided (all we need to do is say ‘no’ and stick together and intend the highest and best outcome); and in spite of weather concerns (which often reflect human consciousness – we just need to calm down); and water concerns (the country already has everything we need to clean up our water – let’s just insist that our representatives do it); we will be fine as long as we keep the faith and have divine guidance.

Let’s all just expect the best – after all, that’s the only guaranteed way we have to get it.

For some people, this is an ordeal and requires a lot of effort. Having to decide between something and something else leaves them unsure and insecure. What if I make the wrong decision? How bad is it to make the wrong decision?

We were gifted with the power of the mind to be able to deal with all that is thrown at us.

There are times it may cost you your life. If you decide to run back into a burning building you had better have a good reason – like someone else’s life being at stake.

And of course, there are big decisions about who to marry, what kind of education to pursue, and who to vote for. Those decisions require information, time, thoughtfulness, and sound reasons.

For a lot of people, though, insecurity over making a decision can extend to what to eat for lunch, what color to paint the bathroom, or what to pack for a short trip. Decisions of that nature are not life and death issues and yet they can provoke the same kind of internal anxiety.

Why do some people panic at the very notion of having to make a choice? Perhaps upbringing plays a part. They may have been so harshly reprimanded for their choices in childhood that the adult self is still trying to do everything right. There may be some other reason, but nevertheless, the person is very fearful of choosing wrong.

That brings us to the issue of what’s right and what’s wrong. Our society tells us what’s legally wrong, and our conscience will tell us what we believe to be morally wrong, but we assign right and wrong to things that are mere choices, like when to wash the car, or what to make for dinner, or what to buy as a gift.

If those everyday choices cause you to feel apprehension or second guess yourself once the choice is made, you may have to start asking yourself this question: Where did this fear come from? How important is this choice anyway? Really, how important is it? Will it be impossible to correct if you aren’t happy with the results? Will it matter a year from now, a month from now, or a week from now?

A lot of peace could be restored within ourselves if we spent some time figuring out why decisions are so hard to make and healing that issue. Then make ‘How Important Is It?” a part of your daily life. You may discover that most of the time, it’s not that important at all.

Many blessings!

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