The Meaning of 2010

I waken to the morning sun

In hopes this day will make it clear –

Why my soul has brought me here.

Are you aware of what happened in 2010?

I share with you today some of the things that came out of our Meditation Class back in 2010:

During that solstice we received more Light than we have ever experienced since the fall of Atlantis. The Light has come and receded before, like the ocean waves hitting the shore, but this time it came, and it will stay in a very intensified form. Light = Love = Information. You cannot separate the Light and the Love – and when your life is illumined in this way there will be no more hiding from the dark shadows.

They will be evident. Because of this intensified light, issues will surface. They may be minor irritations or they may be major disturbances. You will have two choices:

You can ignore the light. You can choose to nurse grudges, hang on to hurts, and dwell on unhappiness, but the hurts will never heal this way and the light is not going away


You can take this opportunity and use it with everything you have. Any minor problem, pain, anxiety or brief moment of dis-ease can be held up to the Light and Love of God for healing and transmutation. Every major disturbance, sadness and heartache will be soothed in the Light and Love of God.

May you choose wisely how to use this precious gift that came.

For many people, these have not been easy times. Emotional issues have been right in your face. Physical issues have been front and center. The Planet and the people who make the decisions for Her appear to be going downhill.

Believe it or not, truth is making a comeback. All these things are surfacing so that they can be looked at honestly. As Mother Earth makes her ascension into the 4th dimension she is shaking off everything that is not compatible with higher dimensional living. As we go along and become higher dimensional ourselves, we are forced to face ourselves and everything we have done, and everything we believe in.

If you feel isolated from all the current day happenings you have probably either already done your work, or you haven’t begun the process. Most souls on earth – with the exception of the new children and many of our younger souls – are being forced to take inventory. The ascension process which will intensify over the next few years, is going to require a conscious decision from each and every person. You must decide to go forward in a new energy, in which case you will undoubtedly have to make some changes, or you can stay just where you are and do what you have always done.

Neither decision is right or wrong – it just is. That is one of those higher dimensional concepts you will need to embrace if you decide to grow and go along with the Planet – and once you have embraced that understanding, then you are already well on your way to being there.

You may be feeling that sense that something is about to happen. You are right. You may be feeling the urge to do something. Right again. If you subscribe to any of the holistic message boards or channelings out there, you are probably hearing the same message coming to you from many sources. It is time to get to work. Lightworkers of the world, your time is now. The work is to be a bright light in a dark world. The work involves being positive, helpful and encouraging when things seem bleak.

When someone has lost everything they need a compassionate ear, and then they need to be reminded that we are at a critical point in earth history when things are falling apart, but they WILL be replaced in the very near future, with something better.

When someone is wondering why their life is so hard, they may need to be reminded that we are all Master Souls here who have had wonderful lives, and yes, hard lives. Hard lives were contracted for to clear heavy issues and anyone living a hard life with courage is contributing to the greater good in unimaginable ways.

When someone is concerned because people seem to be distant, they need to be reminded that we are all being attracted to like energies right now, and there will be a wonderful reunion with everyone we love when we once more attain the higher realms. No one will ever be lost. Everyone will eventually make their way into the Light.

If you work in the Light you need to be a calm presence in the face of the storm. For those of you unaware, the recent predicted Tsunami that didn’t happen in Hawaii was in large part due to the calming love being sent by Light Workers worldwide. We are making progress. Lightworkers of the world, Keep up the good work.

‘A ship in the harbor is safe – but that is not what ships are for.’ – Anon



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