The Beauty And Significance Of One: An essay on how we are all part of God

I have had many teachers through the years.

One of them told me once to think of Divine Creator God or Divine Creative Source as the Ocean and to think of myself as a Divine Drop. A drop of water holds every single attribute of the whole. By analyzing one drop you can determine the composition of the larger body. You are a Divine Drop in the Ocean of God. Have you ever been fortunate enough to see dew on the blades of grass in the brilliant morning sun?

Each drop shines like a diamond. You shine like a diamond when the brilliance of the light and love of Creator shines through you. That is your natural state. Then, of course, life happens and the drop can get muddied. Debris can get mixed in with the drop. The essence of the drop, however, remains pure.

All you need to do is put it through a powerful filter. The impurities can be filtered out and the purity can be reclaimed. If you feel like life has muddied you up, you can, without too much trouble, be cleared up again to your natural state. That is what we call spiritual work or prayer or some other name.

we are all part of God

It is whatever we use to put ourselves through a filter and clean ourselves up again. One drop is certainly beautiful on its own, but all drops together can form the majesty of Niagara Falls. One pure drop can be very powerful.

After cataract surgery those individual eye drops make all the difference toward a successful recovery. But think how much more powerful you would be if you connected with the Ocean again and joined all the other Divine Drops. You become a formidable force. During the eclipse we will have an opportunity to join together to express our power in an amazing way. I have spoken about this before, and will again next week.

The important thing to remember is that when darkness sweeps our land and we once again come out into the light, it will be a new birth for our country. We will see the germination of the seeds we have planted together during the moments when the light went away.

We are all connected. This is not just a new age hippy dippy saying, it’s scientific fact. We are all made of the same atoms and molecules that make up the entire universe. So when you look at someone, know that you are looking at a piece of God, as are they looking at a piece of you. Knowing this can change your perspective on life, other people, and even yourself. It’s time to start seeing the beauty and significance in each and every one of us. because we truly are One.

We are all connected to one another and to the divine source.

As much as we might sometimes try to deny our unity, it’s pretty difficult to get away from the fact that we’re all connected. Life will sometimes feel like an endless game of whack-a-mole, trying to knock down every obstacle and build up a separate identity – yet no matter how much we put ourselves out there, something is still drawing us back in towards each other and the divine source. Maybe it’s because ultimately life is just one big party that nobody was ever able to juke off; so here we are, both wired in and unable to resist the grand cosmic dance.

Our individual differences are what make us beautiful and special.

We all have something unique about ourselves and it’s a beautiful thing! From the color of our hair, the shape of our eyes and even the way we think – no two people are exactly alike. Even if someone has the same hair color, eye color or similar thoughts, they will never be exactly like anyone else. Our individual differences are what help make us who we are and give us that special edge – kind of like our own secret superpower! In a world filled with so many similarities, let’s rejoice in these differences and embrace that inner uniqueness!

We all affect each other

It’s easy to forget how much our actions–both big and small–affect each other, yet the truth is that our everyday decisions have a profound ripple effect. From a simple smile shared with a stranger to starting a life-changing career, the choices we make can affect the lives of those around us. It might just be time for us all to get a bit more mindful about what we do and put into this world: We’re all in this together, after all!

We all have a duty to love and respect one another.

We all have an obligation to spread good vibes and peace, kiss haters with kindness and brighten everyone’s day. Loving and respecting each other shouldn’t require an instruction manual; it should come as second nature. If everyone could put petty disagreements aside to appreciate that we’re all just trying to survive in this world, then imagine how much brighter our days would be! We all need love, no matter the shape or form it comes in. So let’s remember that we’re a giant global team sharing our everyday lives together and respect one another endlessly.

We are all part of God’s plan for humanity.

While we may not always understand it, being part of God’s plan for humanity is something that none of us can escape. His grand design for the human race is as mysterious and complex as a mathematical equation. At times, it may be difficult to make sense of His will, but faith tells us that there is always a higher purpose behind our actions that drive us closer to perfection. Standing in awe of His majestic power and beneficence is an experience shared by believers throughout history – one that never gets old!

It’s amazing really that with all our individual differences, we are still connected in such a powerful way. We come from different places and have gone through different experiences, yet we still share this bond between us. May we never forget that each one of us is unique, valuable and worthy of love.

Let us look to God’s plan for humanity as an example for how to truly respect ourselves and others during our journey. Together, may we strive to create a better world, filled with friendship and understanding amongst ourselves—and ultimately know that it is all part of the greater divine plan.

May we all plant seeds of hope, love, trust and truth as we witness this amazing event.

Many Blessings,

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