Tension Relievers

Occasionally we all come up against something that is seemingly insurmountable and has us overwhelmed. It can be hard not to despair and get depressed and want to just give up, especially if we have been trying all we can to hold it together. At times like these we may need something very simple to hang onto to get us through.

tension relievers help us get out of our shells

Today I want to share some of the phrases that I have found useful. Just repeating one of these like a mantra can be a helpful tension reliever. These have come to me through various means through the years, but they really help and here they are in no particular order:

There is no pain in change – only in our resistance.
Let Go and Let God.
Keep it Simple.
Optimism not only gives you beauty, it gives you the tactical advantage.
First things first.
I can’t – God can – if I let Him.
This too shall pass.
Just breathe.

And of course, there is always the old 24 hour rule. No matter what is going on today, it may look different to you in 24 hours. Unless there is an immediate threat to your well being, it’s best not to act from a place of panic and insecurity.

See if you still feel the same way about your issue tomorrow and perhaps you can take action from a more stable mental place.Life can be wonderful – and life can be difficult. We all take turns with the hard stuff.

May your hard times always lead you to a greater joy.

Many blessings,

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