Star Trek and Spirituaity – Some incredible lessons from the franchise

I actually watched Star Trek. I liked the original series the best. It didn’t have a lot of fancy sets and computer-enhanced graphics for sensationalism, but it told a very interesting story.

Many of the future things predicted and used in the show are now accessible. Our current cell phones, I pods, I pads, and computers with voice and eye recognition have far surpassed the Star Trek variety, and yet back in the 60s, those things were science fiction. Scientists have now proven in laboratories that matter exists in two places simultaneously – and the Star Trek Transporter system was actually based on scientific principles people are working on today. Most of us talk to the GPS systems in our cars every day. Probably many of us have named that voice that tells us with absolute certainty when to turn. We are now living in the Star Trek age.

The real beauty of Star Trek, however, was not in its predictions of future technology, but in its humanity. Space wars were fought and lost and won, but whenever possible, benevolent solutions were the goal. Why did they fight us? What do they need? How can we help them? How can we protect ourselves, without hurting them in the process? Where is it right to intercede, and when should this race be left alone to evolve in their own time and their own way?

Star Trek demonstrated loyalty and celebration of diversity. Blue or green, big or small, logic-based or emotion-based, everyone was honored. We have learned that unless we learn to do that today we are a society on a downhill course. Wherever prejudice and ego exist the world is in trouble. We need to learn not only tolerance and acceptance of those different from us, but joy in the wonders of all of God’s creations, just as we enjoy the multitude of beautiful trees and flowers that cover the earth. We may have our preferences, but that does not negate the beauty of all the rest.

Star Trek taught us many lessons

Another important principle for us going forward is the understanding of our heart/mind connection. For years we have been living predominantly from our minds. I’ve talked about this before. From birth, we were taught to conform and follow rules and think, not feel. That left us incomplete. Our hearts are our center. Our brains are valuable assets. We need both just as Spock needed Kirk and Kirk needed Spock. They both lacked something on their own. They were both more powerful together. And yet the emotional captain led the ship. Spock would try his best to bring forth his truth, but at the end of the day, he trusted and honored his captain and his oath and he obeyed. The heart must inevitably rule.

Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the series, was intuitive, empathic, and connected to Spirit. It showed up in every episode. He knew there was life beyond our earth, and they it contained both kinds of beings: those dedicated to service to self and those dedicated to service to others. He knew we would be exploring and discovering and uncovering and having to come to terms with things that were far beyond our current belief systems. He knew that the Universe was orderly and contained Councils and Advisers and it does. There is no randomness in God’s creation. There are many great Councils of Light that deal with karmic issues and justice issues, truth issues, fairness issues, and rights and responsibilities. There are command centers where things radiate out from.

There are at this moment many great mother ships in orbit about us and many beings of light trying to help us clear our world of pollution, and steer us toward a benevolent evolutionary path. Many people have seen these crafts in our skies – many former astronauts and captains of planes will attest to the fact of their existence.

Our own government has reams of top-secret material that is beginning to come out for public scrutiny that verifies the truth of this. Many craft that people see is really our own government’s secret projects using alien technology that has sometimes been gained through covert agreements and sometimes stolen when we were able to shoot down some of the smaller scout ships that benevolent beings had brought into our space. Then they become vulnerable to our bullets. Many times our government has tried to launch missiles that just wouldn’t go anywhere. Those facts are available on the internet but not the nightly news, which is still highly controlled.

The government is trying to gain control of the internet – please add your efforts wherever possible to keep this from happening. We need to talk to each other. We need to share information. Watch for the number of programs finally teaching us about alien life. They cannot all be censored. They are starting to filter through.

Our world is more wonderful than we have been taught. Open to the possibilities that are here now.

There is nothing to be feared by welcoming those who love us.

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