Top Plaza Reiki Healing Crystal Dowsing Black Obsidian Pendulum Necklaces for Divination Bronze Wicca Balancing Pointed Pendant Pendulum | 12 Facet

I’m absolutely in love with my Top Plaza Obsidian Pendulum Necklace for Divination and Reiki Healing. The natural crystal stone is beautiful and so detailed, like a piece of art! It has a powerful energy to it that can be felt even when worn as jewelry. I use it during meditation, and it definitely helps to deepen my connection with the spiritual realm.
The color of the stone is stunning; jet black obsidian that’s glossy and smooth to the touch. The length of the chain is perfect too – not too long or short – and is adjustable so you can choose how long or short you’d like it to be. The pendulum itself has a pointed tip on one end and a ball-shaped tip on the other, which makes it easier to move back-and-forth for divination purposes.
It was easy to put together, as everything comes in its own packaging with a manual guide – all you have to do is attach the chain to the pendulum and you’re ready! Not only does this necklace look great but it also works really well; I’ve been using it consistently for a few months now and haven’t had any issues with accuracy or reliability when dowsing.
To top things off, I think this necklace makes an excellent gift for anyone interested in reiki healing or divination work. It’s unique, beautiful, and high quality – plus, at an affordable price point. All in all, I highly recommend Top Plaza’s Obsidian Pendulum Necklace for Divination & Reiki Healing!

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