Tibetan Singing Bowl Set by Ohm Store — Meditation Sound Bath Bowl and Wooden Striker with Lokta Gift Box — Hand Hammered Nepali Instrument for Yoga | Chakra Healing and Stress Relief

The Ohm Store Tibetan Singing Bowl Set is a unique and beautiful product that will enhance any spiritual practice. It features an authentic hand hammered Tibetan singing bowl set, perfect for yoga, meditation, prayer, chakra healing and mindset. This singing bowl set produces mesmerizing tones that are perfect for holistic healing and relaxation.

This Tibetan singing bowl set comes with a convenient mallet for easy playing of the tones for optimal results. The sound of the bowl is based on the frequency of A4 which is 432 Hz – known to be the frequency of the universe. This means that when you play your singing bowl you are connecting with something ancient beyond time and space.

The design of this singing bowl set is absolutely stunning and it makes a great addition to any home or living space with its traditional yet modern look. Not only does it look good but it also feels nice in your hands due to its weight and texture. The sound produced by the singing bowl is very clear which allows you to really take in all its beauty.

In terms of quality, this product is top notch! The craftsmanship behind it is some of the best available on the market today as each one has been hand-hammered by Tibetan artisans who have mastered their skill over many years. Furthermore, this singing bowl set is made from high-quality materials that have been ethically sourced in order to ensure they last a lifetime without losing their quality or tone.

I highly recommend this product as it offers exceptional value for money as well as being backed up by a long-term customer satisfaction guarantee from the Ohm Store if anything goes wrong during use or delivery. We also want to point out that if you purchase this product 100% of proceeds go towards supporting communities in need in India and Nepal which makes this purchase even more worthwhile!

Overall we think that this Tibetan Singing Bowl Set from the Om Store provides an excellent solution when looking for an authentic hand hammered item to bring peace and tranquillity into your life through meditation or yoga practices. It’s a great way to relax after a busy day at work or simply unwind at home surrounded by calming sounds emanating from your very own personal instrument!

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