The Art of Psychic Reiki: Developing Your Intuitive and Empathic Abilities for Energy Healing

This book is an outstanding guide for anyone looking to learn more about Reiki and the art of psychic healing. Written by experienced Reiki master, Lisa Campion, The Art of Psychic Reiki is a comprehensive and insightful look into the practice of energy healing. This book discusses everything from the ancient origins of Reiki, to how it works today, to how to use it in practice both on yourself and others.

The Art of Psychic Reiki starts off by introducing readers to the philosophy and history behind the practice of energy healing. It also dives into topics such as chakra alignment, breathing exercises and visualizations that are necessary for a successful practice.…

Reiki Healing for Beginners: Unlocking the secrets of aura cleansing and reiki self-healing. Learning reiki symbols and acquiring tips for reiki meditation and reiki psychic (medical intuitive)

Reiki Healing for Beginners: Unlocking the Secrets of Aura Cleansing and Reiki Self-Healing is a comprehensive guide to unlocking the secrets of unlocking your inner energy. Written by author and reiki master, Dr. John Powers, the book offers readers a powerful toolset to become more in tune with their bodies and minds, enabling them to access an unlimited source of healing energy.

The book begins by introducing readers to the basics of reiki healing and discussing how it can be used for self-healing, as well as how it can help to reduce stress and anxiety. It then goes into detail about various breathing techniques that can be used to increase focus and mindfulness during a session.…

Empath And Psychic Abilities: The Highly Sensitive People Practical Guide To Enhance Your Psychic Intuition | Expand Your Mind And Awaken Your Hidden Inner Powers

The Highly Sensitive People’s Practical Guide To Enhance Your Psychic Intuition is an extraordinary guide that offers a comprehensive view of the unique psychic abilities and experiences of highly sensitive people. Written by an experienced empath, this book delves deep into the various topics associated with being an empath and provides practical methods to develop one’s intuition. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to tap into their natural psychic empath abilities and better understand their spiritual gifts.

The book begins by giving readers an overview of the nine powerful techniques they can use to tap into their own intuition.…

Kundalini Awakening for Beginners: Activate Your Kundalini Energy and Increase Your Psychic Abilities with Yoga Breathing Exercises and Chakra Meditation Poses to Strengthen Your Body | Mind | and Soul

Kundalini Awakening for Beginners by Alan Brown is a comprehensive and enlightening guide to unlocking greater spiritual fulfillment and inner peace. With detailed explanations, insightful exercises, and refreshingly accessible language, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to tap into the power of Kundalini energy.

This book starts off with an overview on the nature of Kundalini energy and what it can do for us. It breaks down the mysteries behind Chakras, Yoga, and Prana in a way that even complete beginners could understand. The author goes on to explain the many ways we can awaken our Kundalini spirit and activate our long-lost spiritual energies.…

Bali Soap – Signature Green Collection Bar Soap – All Natural Man & Woman Soap Bar – Gift Sets for Men & Women – Vegan | Handmade Soap Bar for Face & Body – Scented Bath Soap | 6 pc Variety Exotic Pack | 3.5 Oz each

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Signature Green Collection Bar Soap from Bali Soap. This soap is crafted in a cold process method using plant-based ingredients and textured with botanicals from the Indonesian archipelago. The natural glycerin bars deeply hydrate and moisturize your skin with ultra-nourishing lather, rinsing off clean without residue.

The six exotic scents included are Coconut, Papaya, Vanilla, Lemongrass, Jasmine, and Ylang-Ylang. I found that each scent was distinct enough that I could tell them apart yet subtle enough to not overpower my senses or irritate my skin.

When it comes to texture, this bar soap has been enhanced with island botanicals which act as a gentle exfoliant to slough away dry skin layers promoting an even complexion and bringing out a natural healthy glow from head to toe.…

Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set – Ultrasonic Diffuser & Top 10 Essential Oils – Modern Diffuser with 4 Timer & 7 Ambient Light Settings – Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils – Lavender

This Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set is the perfect way to create a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere in your home. The Essence Diffuser includes a large capacity and uses state of the art wave diffusion technology to atomize essential oils for ultimate wellness. You have 7 ambient light modes with two intensity settings for 14 different light combinations, as well as 4 timer settings and an auto shutoff feature for low water levels. And the best part is that it’s made of BPA free plastic with a beautiful printed wood grain design!

The essential oil set includes 10 different therapeutic grade essential oils that are sourced from various regions of the world such as lavender from France and tea tree oil from Australia.…

The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life – Book by Sue Morter

I received the suggestion of this book through my friend Sue Dhillon from Blossom Your Awesome (thanks!).

This book offers a unique and inspiring perspective on life, one from which even the most rigid believers in western medicine can learn something valuable. Does Western medicine really work for us these days? That’s certainly an intriguing question that this superb read raises – it’ll make you reconsider your firm beliefs! A great introduction to energy healing as well, if chakras are unfamiliar terrain. I’m highly recommending that everyone take some time off of conventional medicinal treatments and give this amazing journey through alternative methods a try; open-mindedness is the key here!…

Manifestation Miracle

10 Steps to Attract the Life You Want

By Heather Mathews
Author of Manifestation Miracle <= [Link this text via your affiliate link]

“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi

If I told you that you could create the exact type of circumstances you want, would you call me crazy?

What if your very thoughts could create ripples of change that not only impact your life…

…but those around you as well?

Philip, a call center worker from the Philippines certainly didn’t think so. He dreamed of moving overseas so he could secure a better life and provide for his family.…