NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Rocks & Fossils Kit – 200+ Piece Set Includes Geodes | Real Fossils | Rose Quartz | Jasper | Aventurine & Many More Rocks | Crystals & Gemstones

The Rocks & Fossils Kit is a perfect way to introduce kids of all ages to the wonders of our world. It includes an impressive collection of over 200 pieces, each with its own unique characteristics and stories to tell. From rough and polished samples of aventurine, rose quartz, and snowflake obsidian to real fossils such as prehistoric gastropods, ammonites, clams, brachiopods, and more – this kit has it all!

For those budding geologists out there, the kit also comes with a magnifying glass, full-color learning guide and identification sheet which can help sort out each rock and mineral sample in the collection. There’s also two unbroken geode specimens ready for you to crack open yourself – so you can discover your very own hidden crystal treasures!

This is a great educational gift for both boys and girls; helping children learn about rocks and minerals in a fun and interactive way that encourages exploration. With such an extensive range of specimens included in the kit, kids will be able to build up an impressive knowledge base on rocks, minerals and fossils while they enjoy discovering new finds. The learning guide helps them identify each type of sample too.

Whether it’s used as a standalone collection or addition to any kid’s existing rock collection, the Rocks & Fossils Kit provides hours upon hours of learning opportunities coupled with lots of fun! So why not go ahead and treat your little one today – who knows what fascinating discoveries await?

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