MAJESTIC PURE Frankincense Essential Oil | Therapeutic Grade | Pure and Natural Premium Quality Oil | 4 fl oz

I recently purchased MAJESTIC PURE’s Frankincense Essential Oil, Therapeutic Grade, Pure and Natural Premium Quality Oil, and I am extremely pleased with the results. The oil has a unique balmy and slightly spicy but fresh scent that offers intense aromatherapy unlike any other. It is 100% pure, natural and free of toxins, additives or nasty chemicals.

The oil comes in an amber glass bottle which helps protect it from harmful UV rays. It also contains a premium glass dropper for easy use. I found this incredibly useful as I could easily control how much of the oil I used.

The unique properties of the Frankincense Essential Oil make it ideal for topical applications too. Just dilute it with a carrier oil of your choice such as sweet almond oil and you are good to go! Not only does this help nourish your skin but it also helps prevent moisture-loss giving you a more vital look.

I also like to add a few drops of the essential oil into my diffuser which helps create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere at home after a long day at work or school. The aroma really calms me down making me feel much more relaxed before bedtime.

In conclusion, I highly recommend MAJESTIC PURE’s Frankincense Essential Oil for those who want to experience intense aromatherapy with all its therapeutic benefits without having to worry about any toxins or chemicals present in the product!

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