Life & Pursuits Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil 3.38 Fl Oz – Natural Scalp Therapy Oil for Healthy Hair | Made with Organic Ingredients | Goodness of Bhringraj | Amla | Coconut | Sesame | Almond & Castor Oil

I was looking for an ayurvedic hair growth oil for my husband and came across Life & Pursuits brand. I am very pleased to report that this is a great product! Its organic oils are cold-pressed and infused with authentic Ayurvedic herbs which promote healthy hair growth and improve the overall texture and volume of the hair. The oil contains no synthetic fragrances or colors, which I really appreciate since it means that my husband’s hair will be safe from any harsh chemicals.

The best part about this oil is how quickly it works – after just one massage application, his hair was noticeably thicker and shinier. With regular use, we have seen a dramatic improvement in his scalp health as well – it has become much less irritated and flaky while also promoting better blood circulation throughout the scalp area. This has led to stronger roots and healthier follicles as well as more new growth!

My husband loves the natural fragrance of this oil too; it smells subtle yet delightful. We both highly recommend it to anyone looking for an effective solution to their hair loss problems. It is an all-natural product that nourishes your scalp, stimulates new growth, prevents premature graying, and provides long-term results without causing any side effects or damage to your scalp or follicles.

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