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I recently purchased the Chakra Worry Stone for Anxiety Healing Crystal by CrystalTears, and I’m so happy I did! This worry stone is absolutely beautiful and has a comforting and smooth texture that feels great to hold in your hands. It’s made of natural chakra stones with a thumb indentation for easy gripping, which makes it perfect for relieving stress or anxiety.

The multifunctional properties of this worry stone make it great for many uses beyond just anxiety relief. It can be used for healing, positive energy, reiki, meditation, peace of mind, friendship, love, stress relief and more! Its vibrational energy also clears away negative energy from the atmosphere too.

The best part about this worry stone is that it’s super-easy to carry around with you no matter where you are. You can slip it into your pocket or purse so that anytime you feel stressed or anxious you can take a few moments to touch it gently and benefit from its healing vibrations. It also makes a lovely gift idea too – anyone who loves crystals will appreciate this thoughtful present!

Overall I think the Chakra Worry Stone is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something to help relieve stress and anxiety naturally. The natural chakra stones provide calming vibration energies that help clear away negative energies and make space for more positive ones. Plus its small size means it’s super easy to take with you wherever you go! Highly recommend this product!

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