Crystals and Healing Stones Premium Kit in Wooden Box – 7 Chakra Stones Healing Crystals Set | Rose Quartz | Amethyst Cluster | Quartz Points | Chakra Pendulum | 82 Page EBook | 20×6 Guide Poster Gift Ready

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give someone who is interested in crystal healing and balancing their chakras, then the Crystals and Healing Stones Premium Kit in Wooden Box by Zatny is just what you need. This amazing set comes with everything that is needed to get the most out of your healing crystal and balance your chakras. It includes 7 chakra tumble stones (clear quartz, amethyst, sodalite, green aventurine, citrine, carnelian and red jasper), one clear crystal point, one pendulum crystal and one amethyst cluster as well as a raw rose quartz. All of these components come nicely packaged in a beautiful wooden box with a 20 x 6 Quick Reference Poster Guide as well as an 82 page E-book which provides even more information about using each component correctly.

The quality of this kit is outstanding. The stones feel smooth to the touch and have a natural look that makes them very attractive to look at. All of the pieces offer great durability so they will last for a long time. The Pendulum Crystal has been especially crafted from Amethyst which gives it added properties such as protection and clarity when working with energy fields. The included E-book also provides detailed descriptions and explanations about each individual piece so even beginner practitioners can quickly understand how to use them properly for optimal results.

The Crystals and Healing Stones Premium Kit in Wooden Box by Zatny would make an excellent gift for any occasion such as encouragement, celebration or inspiration. Not only is it beautifully presented in its wooden box but also comes with all necessary components that are required to begin practicing with crystal healing right away! Whether you are a beginner or an expert practitioner, this premium kit offers something for everyone who wishes to bring harmony into their lives through the use of crystals!

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