Bach RESCUE PASTILLES | Cranberry Flavor | Natural Stress Relief Lozenges | Homeopathic Flower Essence | Vegetarian | Gluten & Sugar-Free | Holiday Stocking Stuffer | 35 Count

Bach’s RESCUE PASTILLES are the perfect, natural remedy for relieving feelings of stress. Made with Dr. Bach’s trusted blend of 5 natural flower essences, these sugar-free cranberry flavored lozenges help bring balance to everyday moments that become overwhelming. These homeopathic, vegetarian lozenges are made without artificial flavors or colors and are free from major allergens like gluten and sugar. Non-alcoholic and non-habit forming, these RESCUE PASTILLES can be consumed as often as needed to help relieve stress and keep you feeling calm and relaxed on the go – perfect for stocking stuffers for the holidays! With 35 lozenges per package, Bach’s RESCUE PASTILLES make a great addition to any home medicine cabinet when you need a moment of peace. Their plant-based active ingredients provide a powerful source of relief from both mental and physical stress. From work to school and family life, Bach’s RESCUE PASTILLES are here to help keep you balanced during those times of high tension. Enjoy their natural cranberry flavor for an extra boost of calmness – now available in convenient 35 count packages!

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