How to not Manifest Negative Thoughts – Powerful Ideas On Human Psychology

Happy Birthday to me – yes, today is my birthday. I learned long ago that the best way for me to celebrate was to take responsibility for my own happiness on this day and do something nice for myself, and then whatever other people chose to do was just an extra bonus. Of course this attitude was born out of a couple years of disappointment, frustration and anger that other people weren’t remembering me in the ways I thought they should.

Most of my successes in life have had their roots in disappointments, fears and frustrations that I eventually worked my way through. I would love to say that there comes a time when it’s all good, all the time, but I haven’t gotten there yet. If there is one thing I have learned in my many years on this planet, however, it is that if you can find the hope and hang onto it, things eventually get better again. I seem to be eternally hopeful, particularly when all the signs point to a new, improved and better existence just down the road.

“You are what you believe. Change your thoughts, and change your life.” This is a popular quote that is often attributed to Buddha. But it’s not only Buddhism that speaks of the power of our thoughts. Numerous studies in psychology have shown that our thoughts can actually shape reality.

If we want to create positive change in the world, it starts with changing our own thought patterns. In this blog post, we’ll explore some powerful ideas on human psychology and how we can use them to not manifest negative thoughts. Stay tuned for some interesting insights!

How to not Manifest Negative Thoughts
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Understand the basics of how the mind works – what thoughts are, where they come from, and how they influence our reality

We all know that our thoughts can have a powerful impact on how we feel and the actions we take – however, few of us can accurately explain what thoughts are or where they come from. The truth is that each of us is embedded in an intricate web of interconnecting systems that comprise our mind and brain. The human mind works similarly to an operating system, constantly filtering information about the world around us with which it creates stories and mental models.

If used correctly, this mastering of perspectival thinking can be an invaluable asset in staying positive, as it’s up to each of us to make an effort to stop negative thought patterns from manifesting in the world. By understanding the basics of how the mind works – what thoughts are, where they come from, and how they influence our reality – we gain control over our own attitudes and reactions.

Acknowledge that you have control over your thoughts and how to not manifest negative thoughts

We often find ourselves in situations when we’re feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts and unable to take control. Taking a few moments to pause and recognize that you are in control of your thoughts can be immensely powerful. We don’t need to give into our negative thinking patterns, but can choose instead to focus on kindness, gratitude and hope instead. Acknowledging that we have the power to make that choice is the first step in creating positive change for ourselves and those around us.

Be mindful of your thought patterns throughout the day and make an effort to catch yourself when you’re thinking negatively

Being mindful of your thought patterns can drastically improve your life and the lives of those around you. Throughout the day, make an effort to catch yourself when you’re thinking negatively, and instead choose a more positive outlook. By choosing to allow constructive thoughts, rather than negative ones, to prevail over our minds, hearts and spirits we are contributing to our own personal well-being as well as that of the larger collective.

It is up to each of us to take responsibility for ourselves and commit to this effort if we hope to see positive change manifest in the world. Making a conscious effort towards stopping negative thought patterns from forming can create beautiful things in all areas of life.

Reframe negative thoughts into positive ones – for example, instead of “I’m not good enough,” tell yourself “I am doing my best.”

Reframing negative thoughts into positive ones is a powerful tool for combating the mounting negativity in our world. It’s all too easy to get caught in discouraging thought spirals, but simply by changing our language, we can remind ourselves that life is never as bad as it seems. For instance, replacing “I’m not good enough” with “I am doing my best,” can help make us realise that no one is perfect and that we are still capable of making meaningful progress.

Similarly, instead of feeling defeated by failure or fear, reframing our thoughts to something more empowering can give us the motivation and courage needed to keep moving forward. All of these small changes truly add up – so if each of us makes an effort to reframe negative thoughts into positive ones, we can be sure that this effort will manifest into something wonderful.

Practice gratitude regularly – appreciate all the good things in your life, no matter how small

Practicing gratitude regularly is an important step on the path to inner peace and joy. It can be easy to get caught up in life’s little dramas and stressors, but taking a few moments every day to appreciate all of the good things that we have can make it easier to handle any bad circumstances that arrive.

Even doing something as simple as counting our blessings or noting what we’re thankful for down on paper can help us to become more attuned to the positive elements of life and also negate any negative energy that might otherwise manifest itself in our world. Take some time today to find solace in small acts of thanks – you’ll be amazed at how much better those difficult times seem with a perspective shift!

Surround yourself with positive people who will support your efforts to think more positively

One of the most powerful ways to control our thoughts is to surround ourselves with positive people. Having healthy, supportive individuals around us can literally give us strength to guard our minds against negative thinking and propel us in the right direction towards greater positivity.

Through forming meaningful relationships with those who will nurture and encourage our mental wellbeing, we are far more likely to be successful in making an effort to think optimistically and better ourselves. So take the time to invest in relationships that will aid you in your quest for a happier outlook on life and proactively tackle the challenge of breaking free from patterns of negativity.

It’s up to each of us to make an effort to stop negative thought patterns from manifesting in the world. By understanding how the mind works, we can acknowledge that we have control over our thoughts and choose which ones to focus on. Throughout the day, be mindful of your thought patterns and make an effort to catch yourself when you’re thinking negatively. Reframe negative thoughts into positive ones, and practice gratitude regularly. Finally, surround yourself with positive people who will support your efforts to think more positively.

I was hopeful again last Friday when we had a big triple-crown of energy: The trifecta of solar eclipse (when the energetic patterns of the planet get rebooted) the ending of mercury retrograde and a new moon (when we are planting the seed thoughts for the next month). I expected, as I usually do on a high energy day, to open the door and find riches at my doorstep. Instead I opened the door and found, as usual on a high energy day, a bunch of old fears lying there.

My first reaction was resentment and self-pity. How could this come back when I have done so much work on overcoming negative thought patterns? Second was my feeling of disconnect from God. Where are You in all this? Third was fear. What if this doesn’t get any better, or even gets worse? Then of course as a teacher of energy and a person who knows how creative my thoughts are, I immediately found myself in an old familiar catch-22.

I couldn’t stop thinking fearful things, and since I knew every thought was attracting more, I found myself sinking into even more fear because of what I believed I was creating. Angels to the rescue – they always come through. I eventually pulled out all the old familiar truths that are now a part of me – the tools i use for overcoming negative thought patterns – and I started reminding myself that:. God is more powerful than my random negative thoughts.

I have set templates in place to immediately transmute negativity the moment it leaves me. Angels are guiding my path and the paths of those I love There is a grand purpose to this existence and it is all about my soul growth, my over-coming and my ascending to a higher level of consciousness during this energy window that is presenting itself now and for the next several years. But friends – it’s work. Perhaps many of you have already faced your fears and your dark nights of the soul and are in a place of joy now.

Congratulations to you. I love having you in my life because you hold a pattern in place that I can aspire to.

Perhaps there are many out there like me who are still a work in progress, and to you I say just keep the faith.

The only way we lose is if we quit.

Blessings and more,


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