What Is Our Purpose On Earth And How Do You Reach It?

What Are You Here For?

Okay – it’s probably time for some introspection. New Year – new beginnings – will do that to you.

Have you ever wondered about your purpose in life? What IS our purpose on earth? What it’s all about? What are you here for?

Many books have been written – countless thesis on the meaning of life. You could probably explore that topic forever, but I’ll share my viewpoint, since it’s pretty short: We’re here to experience life as a physical being and we’re here to uplift our fellow man. Pretty simple, right?

We are, at our core, Divine Beings on a Divine Journey of exploration of the physical.

Exploring life as a physical being means paying attention to the wind and the water and the sky and the earth. It means creating something – a sandwich, or a business or a bowl made out of clay. We are here to see how things look, and feel, and smell and sound.

We are here to explore our creativeness. If this sandwich was good, maybe next time I’ll toast the bread and see how that is. If the business is taking all my energy, I may close it and go see what it feels like to sit on the beach. If the clay bowl is not to my liking I can smash it, and see what destruction and a mess on the floor look like.

Uplifting our fellow man starts with caring about him. And that means all men and women and children and animals everywhere. Every single one. Right there you have a lifetime task for some folks.

Of course, some of you may be hung up on the ‘who you are’ part. Maybe you haven’t figured out yet that you are a Divine Emanation from Divine Source. If so, perhaps you will have to start there. Sit in your meditations, and ask God to show you who you are.

the answer to "what is our purpose on earth".

Our Divine Journey of exploration of the physical world

Hello everyone! I hope all is well with you. Today, I want to talk about our divine journey of exploration of the physical world. This is a topic that is very close to my heart, and I believe it is something that we can all benefit from exploring. Basically, I believe that we are all on a divine journey in this life, and that part of that journey involves exploring the physical world around us.

There are so many amazing things to see and experience in this world, and I believe that it is our birthright to do so. So often, however, we get caught up in the mundane aspects of day-to-day living and forget about the importance of exploration. We become stagnant and stuck in our ways, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If we allow ourselves to explore more openly, we can tap into an infinite wellspring of possibilities. So let’s begin our divine exploration today! Are you with me? 🙂

We are all on a journey through life, exploring the physical world and discovering who we are

We may never know the destination of our journey through life, but it’s a thrill to experience it nonetheless. With every step, there are so many opportunities for exploration and self-discovery. We can indulge in the physical beauty that life has to offer, from breathtaking mountain views and starry nights, to a simple walk in the park or sunset on the beach.

With each milestone we reach, our inner being changes as well and new emotions fill us with awe and wonder. Ultimately this is how we come to understand ourselves better: through watching how we respond and react to both external events and our own doubts and fears. Life can be a mesmerizing adventure if we allow ourselves to go on one – may you enjoy yours!

The journey is full of ups and downs, but ultimately it is our own path to follow

Everyone has their own unique journey in life – with highs, lows, and everything in between. No journey is ever easy, but ultimately it’s up to us to decide the direction we head in. We can choose to embrace and learn from the difficult times rather than run away from them; or focus on the positive experiences that shape our story.

It’s all too easy to get trapped into comparisons, influenced by whatever others may say or do. But this is our moment to take back control – to be brave and trust ourselves enough to follow our own path. There will always be new mountains to climb, and we shouldn’t fear making mistakes along the way. This journey is ours alone; let’s make sure it’s an adventure worth remembering.

There are many different ways to explore the world, and each person has their own way of doing so

In the world today there is an endless number of ways to explore and discover. Some may go on a journey off the beaten path, while others like to stick to more traditional routes. No matter what way we choose to explore our world, it can become a wonderful and enriching experience. We can explore our culture, beliefs and perspectives by participating in activities or simply simply observing how different people live differently from us.

Every person’s experiences provides an essential lesson and allows us to expand our horizons beyond what we have previously known. So however you choose to explore the world, take away something valuable from the experience and make sure you return home with meaningful stories to tell!

No matter how we choose to explore the world, we can all find beauty in it

Whether you prefer to get up close and personal, or from a distance, the world has some amazing sights to offer – if you take the time to look. From mesmerizing landscapes to dazzling cityscapes, from exotic wildlife to captivating cultures, there are so many things to see and marvel over. We just have to open our eyes and take it all in.

Even something as simple as listening for a bird’s signature song can bring joy and awe; or experiencing a new type of cuisine can add a wonderful dimension of discovery. In short, no matter how we choose to explore the world, there is always beauty around us – if we just don’t forget to appreciate it!

Life is an incredible adventure, full of surprises around every corner

Life really is an incredible adventure if you take the time to look around and appreciate it. Every day is full of new experiences and opportunities – it’s just up to you to seize them as they come. Nothing can compare to the feeling of getting out of your comfort zone and taking a chance, whether that be trying something totally new or revisiting a familiar place with fresh eyes.

Sure, there are plenty of unforeseen twists in life, but not-so-surprising happy moments await too. Embrace those unexpected moments, no matter what they may be, and you never know what exciting surprise might be revealed just around the corner.

Life is an incredible journey, taking us down unknown roads and providing us with a plethora of experiences to learn from. The journey could go in any direction – some paths are filled with joy and excitement but others may bring about sorrow and heartache. But even in difficult times, we can choose to think differently and find the beauty in the world.

Life’s full of possibilities and potential; it’s up to us how we choose to explore the world around us, but no matter what route we take it will be one worth remembering. So take a deep breath, rush into life and make every moment count!

So that’s it for today. What do you think you’re here for? What’s your purpose on earth?

Blessings, Elaine

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