Never Underestimate The Power Of Prayer

Are You Seeing It Yet?

The world is changing – gently but profoundly. In India they are making medicine free to all people. In Canada a huge law suit was settled in favor of native people that had been abused by the government. More fraud is being uncovered everyday and many political leaders and bankers all over the world have been arrested, stepped down, and some have committed suicide. The list of changes in the world goes on and on, and is available if you search the internet or listen to certain foreign broadcasts.

We have long wanted, and long believed, that the only road to lasting change was to remove the people in charge and replace them. That is certainly happening to a large degree.

Perhaps we never realized that an even easier road to change would be to have the people in charge experience a change of heart – but that is exactly what appears to be happening wherever you look. This is why we should never underestimate the power of prayer.

When we pray to God for Divine assistance we never know what form it will take. The beauty is that the answers always surpass our human understanding.

There is a story of a native tribe that dealt with their wrongdoers in a very unique way. Instead of punishment, or banishment, they put them in a circle and bombarded them with love and kind words about the things the person did right. Eventually the person would ‘wake-up’ to the truth of their being. The truth of being for each of us is the fact that we are children of God – or sparks of the Divine Light.

Once all people know this, the world will be healed. When we understand that we are pure love, were created to be pure love, and come from Source that is pure love, we behave accordingly.

If you are not seeing it yet, keep watching. Watch for change within people you know and people you know about. Watch for change within yourself. The Divine is bombarding our beautiful Planet with more love than ever before and it is changing things. Never underestimate the power of prayer. Blessed Be.

Namaste, Elaine

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