7 Tips on Finding Clarity in an Unclear World: Making the Most Out of Time

Clarity is something that we often seek but can rarely find. In an age where the world is constantly changing, it’s hard to get a grasp on what we should be doing with our lives. But there are some things that you can do to finding clarity in an unclear world. Here are 7 tips on making the most out of your time:

  1. Know Your Why
  2. Set Goals and Intentions
  3. Get Clear On Your Values
  4. Find a Mentor or Teacher
  5. Take Time for Reflection
  6. Experiment and Try New Things
  7. Be Patient and Trust the Process

Finding clarity isn’t always easy, but by following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to living a more fulfilling life!

Let’s see them in-depth.

making the most out of time especially in nature

Know Your Why

As a spiritual seeker, it’s important to know why you are seeking on your spiritual journey. Having a strong sense of purpose can help guide your workflow and make efficient use of your time. It’s essential to take the time to reflect on what is important to you and develop that core understanding of what you are striving towards.

Knowing ‘why’ you do something helps create a powerful sense of intention and motivation to achieve goals, which will facilitate your journey towards spiritual enlightenment. Spend some time journaling or meditating in order to gain clarity around this for yourself so that each step forward is intentional and wise.

Set Goals and Intentions

It can be difficult to make the most out of our time, especially when we are trying to embark on a spiritual journey. Setting goals and intentions can help make sure that we stay on track with our pursuits, as they provide us with a specific aim to achieve and something to strive for. By setting clearly defined outcomes, we can observe how far we have come from our starting point and also take steps towards completing what we had initially set out to do.

Additionally, setting goals helps us hold ourselves accountable for reaching that benchmark; if you want to create a successful spiritual journey then it is important to plan each step of the process in advance. With enough patience and dedication, goal-setting can result in a more meaningful experience overall.

Get Clear On Your Values

Every spiritual seeker can benefit from getting clear on their values; it is the key to making the most out of the limited time we are given. It is a matter of identifying what matters to you, deeply and truly, when it comes to how you use your energy and resources. When you know your values, you will be able to see which commitments and activities line up with them and make sure that you are aligning yourself with those that drive you towards meaningful goals.

Having clarity around your values will ensure that at all times, every decision and action move towards fulfilling both your personal and spiritual objectives.

Find a Mentor or Teacher

As any spiritual seeker knows, finding the right mentor or teacher to help guide their journey is essential to their growth and development. A mentor or teacher can provide insight into their unique set of experiences and knowledge, which can help to spark a sense of growth in a way that best suits the individual’s spiritual path.

They’ll also be able to suggest resources and practices that help maximize the time spent and ensure that every moment is filled with meaning. Finding someone who is authentic, passionate, and dedicated will make all the difference in the long run, so it’s important for seekers to take their time when looking for someone to fill this role.

Take Time for Reflection

Time is precious, and as a spiritual seeker, it’s important to use your time to reflect, explore, and internalize. Spending intentional time for this purpose can stimulate growth on both a physical and emotional level. Reflection gives us the opportunity to understand our feelings more deeply, think more clearly about our surroundings, and grow from the lessons we learn in our lives. In addition to its physical benefits, taking time for reflection can bring about a sense of peace and contentment that many of us crave.

It’s important to take the time each day to genuinely center yourself and focus your awareness on the present moment. This allows us to tap into the inner strength necessary to push past any limitations we currently face while also creating space for growth.

Experiment and Try New Things

As a spiritual seeker, it’s important to experiment and try new things in order to make the most out of our limited time on this earth. Whether it’s exploring different forms of meditation, taking up a new craft or hobby, discovering a new type of cuisine, reading an unfamiliar author, or learning a foreign language, there are countless ways to ensure that we remain curious and engaged in life.

Every experience has the potential to deepen our understanding of ourselves and expand our horizons. Plus, we never know which seemingly mundane task will eventually become an essential part of our workflow.

Be Patient and Trust the Process

Taking the time to practice patience and trust can be difficult for a spiritual seeker, but it is an essential tool for growth and understanding. A key factor of making the most out of your time as a spiritual seeker is trusting in the process of being patient. It has been said that “patience is not only a virtue, but also a skill” that takes practice.

Trying to rush through the spiritual seekers journey will not create successful growth. Knowing when to be patient allows us to make wise decisions, avoid mistakes, and understand our journey better. The practice of patience requires understanding and developing discipline over ourselves which will give us greater insights as we travel along our path.

Discerning the truth can be difficult but is doable

Time is a valuable resource, and it’s something that must be cherished and used wisely as a spiritual seeker. By establishing clear ‘why’s, setting goals and intentions, getting clear on your values, finding a mentor or teacher to learn from, taking time for reflection, experimenting with new things, and being patient and trusting the process, you can make the most of your time and advance along your path of spiritual growth.

After all, it is not always easy work—it requires dedication, courage, and love. Making small but meaningful steps each day is the key to cultivating growth in any area of life. So listen to spirit within yourself with an open heart; always pursue true balance and seek understanding. These are the aspired outcomes you want to achieve by managing your time effectively as a spiritual seeker.

Some wondering from yours truly

This past year there were huge cosmic burst of energy that impacted the Earth in waves. Many people I talked to reported vivid dreams, and memories of past experiences that were remembered with such detail it could have happened yesterday.

We are experiencing periods of rapid evolutionary and spirit growth on this planet. Mother Earth is going through a growth spurt just as children do sometimes. She is taking us with her, and one of our catalysts is these energy surges that come from deep space.

As our spirits grow and expand they are able to encompass larger periods of time as though it is all happening now. You can compare it to watching a move and becoming intently focused on the action and dialog, while at the same time you know you own the DVD that contains the whole movie from beginning to end.

So if time seems to be going so fast that you can’t keep up, it is. If you seem to be remembering 20 years ago and forgetting yesterday, it’s okay. That’s what happens during a period of rapid soul expansion. As time goes by you will get comfortable with the idea that time is not fixed, but flexible.

The very best way to successfully navigate these turbulent and uncharted waters begins with understanding and acceptance. You are on a train that is picking up speed, When you look out the window you see many different scenes speeding by. When you focus on the interior of the car you are riding in, very little can seem to change during an 8 hour train trip.

Accepting that your life is being lived on a fast moving train can bring you a lot of peace because you are the one who decides where to look. You have choices – look out the window and enjoy all the changes or focus within and settle into the peace and presence of the current moment.

You can even expand the current moment and really enjoy it because within the train car itself there is always plenty of time to focus, or sleep, or just get lost in the ‘now’ of it all.

As strange as it seems, it will someday be commonplace for us to decide whether we want the time span we are in to go fast or slow.

There is much fun ahead as our souls get bigger and bigger.

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