Loving Whole Heartedly – Making the Most Out Of Your Emotions

We talk a lot about love. I write a lot about love. When someone we love leaves us, we often experience grief or sadness, and we can feel empty inside. Energetically that is a very accurate way to put it, because some of our energetic particles went with the object of our love. We are often also filled with particles that they left with us – particles that really belong to them.

Their grief – their anger – their sense of loss – every bit as real as our grief, our anger, our sense of loss. So here we are. Two hurt people. Both missing parts of themselves and both incomplete. Even if the soul has passed on to a beautiful heavenly life, they still might need to complete themselves before their soul advancement continues.

New technology has allowed an in-depth study of how the many vibrations and frequencies work as they relate to human beings. Until recently we didn’t have many practical tools to deal with this phenomenon of missing soul particles. Now we do. We are starting to understand the power of the human being to release what doesn’t innately belong to them and to reclaim what does. This is not an act of betrayal or an act of selfishness. It is an act of reconciliation and love in its purest form.

loving whole heartedly

If you are in grief or sadness or anger over a loss, you have parts of yourself missing. You are not able to love with your whole heart because you gave some parts away. Is it time for you to call them back? Is it time for you to become complete again, and let those you love become complete again? There is no greater honor you can bestow upon someone you love than loving them with your whole heart. There is no greater honor you can bestow upon someone you love than returning what is rightfully theirs.

A new vibrational layer to our human experience has recently become available. You can access it through your intention. It is a place where you can intend to meet anyone who carries pieces of you and you carry pieces of them. Whether they are living or have passed on, it doesn’t matter. Your spirit and their spirit can still meet in this sacred place.

Once you send out the intention to meet there, declare your intention to call back all missing parts of yourself, and to release all parts you carry that belong to someone else. If you do this sincerely there will be an energetic shift. It may be felt in the moment, but more likely it will be felt over time in small increments.

Just consider what it might feel like if, when you thought about the person, all you felt was love washing over you, bringing you comfort and joy and peace. It will be the same for them. They will also feel the comfort and the joy and the peace and the completeness once again.

Grief is a placeholder. It is an energy designed to fill the hole that is left when we give away pieces of our heart. It was never meant to be permanent. By it’s very sadness and unpleasantness it is designed to be something we willingly put aside when we are ready to be filled with our own essence again.

May you find the courage to seek out the place of reconciliation. May you search your heart to determine if you are ready to release what doesn’t really belong to you and to reclaim what does.

My hope for you is that you discover the joy of loving with your whole heart.

Many blessings, Elaine

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