Lets Say No To Fear

Right now, the world is trying to decide how to deal with terrorists.

What is called for is calmness, determination, strength, insight, using our power with maturity and clear intention, coming together in unity, and guidance from above.

Instead, our media and many in leadership positions seem to be acting from a place of fear. They declare they are afraid and they feed us hour after hour of footage designed to disempower and distract us with things that split us apart rather than call us together. Their solution seems to be: Be afraid.

Watch another hour of the destruction and devastation that we have already shown you twice in the last hour. And then do it again. Don’t think about anything else. And then be afraid some more. What terrorists want is attention. What terrorists want is for us to fear them. Let’s stop giving them what they want. Please. Let’s stop.

While we’re at it, let’s stop giving all the loud, angry and negative people in our lives the attention they want in the way they want it. Let’s stand in our peace, and our self-confidence, and our amazing ability to be cautious and alert and self-aware and deal with stuff and discover solutions. Let’s seek God’s guidance and listen for how to turn this into a win/win for all instead of destruction for all.

I had the occasion to share this with someone this past week and today I would like to share it with you: To live in trust and faith doesn’t mean that we won’t have moments when we feel sadness and apprehension and pain. But we recognize those moments for what they are – something that wants to pull us off the path of peace and healing, and we choose to trust over and over again, however many times is necessary.

That is really what it means to fight in the spiritual sense.

We mentally, and internally fight our way back to a positive place every time something dark and negative wants to claim us. Then we act – we act from a positive place of power rather than react from a negative one of stress or anger. We can do this. We’ve overcome difficulties many times individually and as a people.

We can do it again

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