Let New Year Beginnings Change Us Now

We still have several days to go before the ball drops in Times Square and most of the world decides that an official calendar year has ended and another year has begun. Even those who celebrate their New Year at a different time, will use this date to mark the beginning of another year in their interactions in business and in daily life.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the whole world could come together on other issues? We’ve proved it can be done. The calendar is our energetic template. Mutual cooperation has already been established globally. Even though we live in different time zones, we honor the differences and still use the same calendar.

Since it’s already been done, we can do it again. The more we think about, and discover and remember all the things that bind us together as one people, the more that energy will grow. It’s pretty evident that a lot of people in our world focus primarily on our differences. The proof is in the results. In many ways we are a world divided.

New year beginnings are like a pier

It would be wonderful if we could wave a magic wand and have all the discord, and evil in our country be gone overnight, but it won’t. Change happens slowly over time, and one by one. We stand at that precipice right now. The mass consciousness of the people must reflect cooperation and self-confidence and caring for one another or the darkness will overtake us. The mass consciousness must become reflective and wise and demand that their ideals be represented in their leadership.

It’s almost a New Year. What can you do differently in your own life, to release anger and judgement, and bring in love and compassion and understanding? Whatever you are projecting into the world contributes to the totality of it all. Whatever you are projecting into your life contributes to the results you get. What does your current contribution look like?

If you want to make some changes, no need to wait until the beginning of another year. You can find your inner peace and change your personal space immediately. Those changes will filter out to everyone else, helping to uplift the nation and the world. We can all make a resolution to be kinder and more cooperative if we choose. We can all send out a little more love in this moment. You don’t have to wait for a ball to drop. Let the New Year Year begin now

Many Blessings for a wonderful New Year, Elaine

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