Intuitive Inner Knowledge – Accessing the Deeper Wisdom of Your Heart

You may not know how smart you really are.

You might not be aware of how much knowledge your soul has accumulated throughout its many journeys here on this Earth plane that equals your inner intuition. Nevertheless, you possess a tremendous amount of information, and up until now, your problem has been two-fold.

First, you may not have known you had this vast resource. Secondly, if you did know, you may not have known how to access it. So first things first – why didn’t you know?

Because when you came here to this human experience you deliberately left that knowledge in the care of your higher being or soul self – the larger part of you.

intuitive inner knowledge helps you hit to the mark

You did that to make this a brand new adventure, a learning experience, and an opportunity for your soul growth. Part of the growth of your soul was to come to that moment of remembrance that you do carry all that you need within. It just needs to be accessed. Secondly, let’s look at how to access the intuitive way, now that you know it’s available.

Your immediate line of communication is your intuition. Sometimes you just know things. Often after the fact. You know you should not have gone there – done that – eaten that – or said that.

This is intuitive inner knowledge at its finest.

How to access the intuitive inner knowledge

One way to access intuitive inner knowledge is by listening to your intuition. This can be done through meditation, journaling and other forms of self-reflection. When connecting to your intuition, it helps to use a relaxed and clear mind, as well as create an environment that fosters meaningful connections.

During your practice, make sure to limit any judgement or preconceived notions you may have about the information you receive, and instead remain open to what is revealed. Finally, trust that whatever insights you get are coming from within and will serve your highest good.

Recognizing the little voice

You may have heard that little inner ‘voice’ that told you to do it – say it – or move it, and you may have listened and you may have not. The voice, however, was there, and you can probably remember those times you made intuitive decisons if you try. If you intend to pay closer attention in the future, and act from your innate knowing, you will absolutely be better off.

No one knows you better than you.

Your body actually knows how to heal itself, and what it needs. Your back or your knee might give you a little discomfort, reminding you to stop or slow down. Again, sometimes you listen and sometimes you don’t. You just need to learn to pay attention.

There are also many resources available to by-pass your conscious thinking mind, and tap into this innate knowing which comes from the vaster part of you. You could learn to use a pendulum or do muscle testing. You could see a professional who specializes in those things. You could find a teacher who would show you how to muscle test yourself.

You could ask during your meditation time, and then be aware, because the answer may come to you in a song you hear, or someone you just happen to meet that says something you needed to know. It may be on a bumper sticker of the car you are following, or on a billboard that suddenly draws your attention. Then you may have what is called an ‘ah-ha’ moment. You get it – you finally get it.

The universe has been trying to talk to you, through you, forever. As we enter the Spring time of our year, I wish for you the newness and freshness of new beginnings. Part of that can be in learning to listen to, and to trust, what you already know.

Blessings, Elaine

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