How Do We Receive Grace? A Great Lesson For Our Generation

Awareness and Divine Grace –

Last week I talked about transmuting energy, our lives, and the way our lives are lived on an energetic circular track. I hope you have done some thinking and some meditating on that concept – that we are always walking into the energy we left behind. It is a huge concept to get the mind wrapped around.

It is a necessary concept to understand so that you can take control of your life and accept responsibility for the things that are happening to you. You do not need to be a victim. Life is not random. As of this moment right now, you do have choices.

Today I would like to mention the beautiful God-given gift of Divine Grace. It is a powerful transforming energy, but it can only be used by the sincere and aware person who truly desires to change. God not only allows us to walk into our own energy for the purpose of our life lessons, but God gives us a way to fix things that we have messed up.

So, How Do We Receive Grace?

Let’s say that you realize you have left behind you some angry words, or impatient moments or guilty feelings. You understand the circular nature of energy and you wish you hadn’t done what you did. You know the energy you left behind is waiting for you up ahead, and so you get proactive in meeting it. You go to God and ask for Divine help.

You ask for the violet energies of transformation and Grace to go ahead of you, and when you meet up with your old energy the next time, it can be changed, because you have changed.

You may be put in similar circumstances, but this time there can be a different result. Insanity is doing the SAME things EXPECTING a different result. Faith is meeting the same circumstance with a DIFFERENT ATTITUDE, accompanied by the Grace of God and TRUSTING in a different result.

Let us see it all in details.

How do we receive grace from God

We all know that we need grace from God in order to live a good life. But what exactly is grace, and how do we receive it? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. Grace is a complex concept that has been debated by theologians for centuries. But here’s a basic overview: Grace is the unmerited favor of God. In other words, it’s the blessing of God that we don’t deserve and can never earn. We receive grace through faith – believing that God loves us and wants to bless us, even though we are undeserving. As we seek to grow in our faith, we will learn more about how to receive and cherish God’s amazing grace.

What is grace?

Grace can be thought of as an unmerited favor or an undeserved act of kindness. It is something that cannot be earned, but instead given freely. Grace may come in the form of leniency for mistakes, a shrug for past wrongs, a hug for healing, or an apology for understanding. It can manifest in the way someone forgives and accepts without expecting retribution. Grace is a type of love that is unconditional and boundless. It is an attitude of generosity and cheer to warm another’s heart. To have grace is to show patience and pardon with tenderness, even when it seems to go unnoticed.

How do we receive grace from God?

Receiving grace from God is a process that takes devotion and dedication. Taking the time to refocus our lives towards Him can help us build better relationships with Him and let us experience His grace. As we seek Him in prayer, read His Word, serve others, and humble ourselves before Him, He will reward us with His grace.

We must recognize that we are undeserving of His mercy and must accept it with grateful hearts. Reaching out to others can expose us to various forms of God’s grace which can then be shared with others in need. It is ultimately an honor when God gives us his unmerited favor – a gift of inestimable value!

What are the benefits of receiving grace from God?

Receiving grace from God is an amazing blessing. It frees us from feeling inadequacy and guilt for our wrongdoings, reminding us that no matter what we do in life, we have the chance to start again and be forgiven by God. Grace from God gives us the strength to overcome insecurities; it brings hope, peace, and joy even in times of despair. Having this comfort and reassurance allows us to confidently face each day with a renewed spirit. Finally, grace gives us access to unconditional love that surpasses any human understanding. It has lasting effects on our lives and fills us with warmth and immeasurable love.

How can we show others grace?

Showing others grace is one of the most powerful ways that we have to build meaningful relationships with those around us. The small but unselfish acts of kindness that accompany grace can go a long way, not only towards positively impacting how someone interacts with us, but also in setting an example for how that same person should treat others.

Furthermore, showing grace will often inspirit reciprocity, so doing what we can to extend it to our fellow human beings is a great investment in our overall well-being and the wellbeing of those around us.

Why is it important to show others grace?

Showing others grace is an essential aspect of healthy relationships. It allows us to forgive imperfections and acknowledge that we ourselves are neither perfect nor infallible. By allowing ourselves to give and receive grace we open the door to understanding, empathy, and real connection with each other. In extending grace, we can take the perspective that we are all on a learning journey; therefore it is important to show patience toward those who may not be on our same wavelength or are in different places in their own life’s journey.

We can also recognize that in showing grace towards others, we create a safer environment grounded in respect for everyone around us. With this mindset, we foster connection based on trust and appreciation which encourages growth and builds stronger relationships.

We’ve looked at what grace is, how we receive it from God, and the amazing benefits it can bring to our lives. Through grace, we have been blessed with love, joy, and peace. We too should extend that same grace to others. Showing them kindness, patience and understanding will not only help strengthen relationships but it can also create a greater connection to God.

The power of grace is not something to take for granted; it’s something that must be nurtured and spread throughout the world if we are ever going to experience true healing and happiness. Let us all commit ourselves to living a life of grace and making sure those around us feel accepted for who they are-with no strings attached.

And have a blessed week. Namaste, Elaine

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