The Most Difficult Thing In The World – Facing Personal Flaws

I could have titled this ‘Getting To Know Ourselves Better” or “Admitting When We Are Wrong” or “Taking the Blame for What We Did Without Making Excuses” – it all boils down to the same thing. We’re not perfect. Try as we might, we will never get everything right in the dimension we live in. We have lower-dimensional bodies.

They don’t work in the space of perfection. Earth is school. You don’t do everything right in school. You only really learn from making mistakes. Hopefully, you learn to do it better the next time. What differs greatly from person to person is the willingness to learn, and to do better, and to get it right. Some people are trying really hard. Some people aren’t trying at all. Some people care and some don’t. I happen to be one who cares greatly.

I want to learn all I can about the truth, and what things I do that are beneficial and what aren’t. If I am doing something wrong, I want to know. If I could do something better, I want to know. If I am misguided, I want to know. If I could be more loving I want to know. If I could be more honest I want to know. If I have changes to make I am willing to make them.

How about you? Do you want to know? Are you ready to give up a lot of preconceived ideas of right and wrong and be open to real truth? God’s truth? You may have spent your whole life in church convinced you know the truth and are living an exemplary life. Are you willing to admit that maybe you are wrong about that?

Believing with certainty that our truth is the only truth, and that we have it right and others have it wrong can be a fatal flaw that keeps us stuck. We may be right – but we may be wrong. Are you willing to look, and examine, and accept what comes if it is in complete opposition to what you have believed so far?

Religion is a great example of absolute belief. When huge amounts of people are absolutely certain that they have the truth, and that huge amounts of other people are absolutely wrong, we have a problem. There is a fatal flaw here. Nobody is all right. Nobody is all wrong. There are many different ways to define what God is – what makes you so sure that your definition is the right one? I don’t have your answers for you today. Only questions.

Can you admit that maybe you are wrong? Can you admit that lifelong beliefs may be based on misinformation? I try my best, week after week, to present you with truth – but at the end of the day it is my truth. I haven’t come to it lightly, only after a lot of study and self-examination and absolute desire on my part to be in compliance with God’s will. Absolute truth is probably still out there somewhere unavailable because of our earth status.

But how about you? Are you trying your best? Do you study and examine? Are you facing personal flaws? Do you have a desire to be in compliance with God’s will, even if it differs from your own? Only you know the answers to those questions, and only you can do the searching, but I hope in some small way I can inspire you to try.

There is nothing for your soul to gain by living with a lie.

Many Blessings,


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