Everything Carries Energy – Discovering The Benefits Of Connecting With Spiritual Energies In Everyday Life

Every single thing in your world, in your daily life, and in your surroundings carries energy. Your morning coffee might carry the energy of a new day and renewal. It might carry the energy of grabbing onto a lifeline to keep you going. That worn out t-shirt might carry the energy of the night you met someone special, or the concert that will live in your heart forever because of the way it made you feel.The items you surround yourself with carry past energies of triumphs or failures – of wins or losses – of comfort or chaos.

Because of the fact that you have spent all your life learning to balance energy from a thousand different sources that surround you constantly, you have gotten pretty good at it. At least you have gotten pretty good at most of it because most of it is relatively benign and done automatically and unconsciously.

everything carries energy even when we don't feel it

Every item you bring home from the grocery store carries the energy of the plants or animals or chemicals or workers or growers or shippers or manufacturers or store clerks that were involved in bringing it to you.

Every person you interact with, either here or in Spirit, triggers an energy pattern.

We hardly ever acknowledge that unless it is something that makes us feel really good or really bad. Every picture carries memories – some wonderful, some insignificant, some sad.

We all know that feeling. You know, when you just can’t quite seem to get yourself together no matter how hard you try? You’ve been meaning to go to the gym for weeks, but every day something else comes up or you’re just too tired. And then there’s your diet-you really want to eat better but every time you go to the grocery store, unhealthy snacks just end up in your cart. Sound familiar? If so, it might be time to consider connecting with your spiritual side.

A growing body of research suggests that connecting with our spirituality-whether it’s through organized religion or simply by becoming more in tune with our own values and beliefs-can have a profound effect on our physical and mental health. In fact, studies show that spiritual practice can lead to improvements in everything from heart health and immunity to stress levels and pain management. So if you’ve been struggling to get your life on track, tapping into your spirituality may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Here are a few ways to get started: Light some candles, listen to calming music, write down what you’re grateful for each day, take some time for yourself each day-whatever feels right for you. The most important thing is that you make an effort to connect with your spiritual side on a regular basis. Who knows? Once you start reaping the benefits of a more spiritually grounded life, you may find it easier than ever beforeto finally achieve those New Year’s resolutions after all!

What is spiritual energy and how does it affect us humans?

Spiritual energy is an invisible force that can be felt throughout the universe. It exists in everything, from rocks and trees to humans and animals. We know of this energy because it manifests itself through our physical and psychological wellbeing – when we are exposed to it, we are energized, joyous and strong. But if exposed to negative spiritual energy, we can become disoriented, anxious and weakened.

Therefore, we must be mindful of our environment and spiritually disconnect from negative energy sources such as violent people or emotionally-charged situations. Doing so allows us to remain positive in thought and action throughout our days. Additionally, keeping good company with those who exude positive spiritual alignment is crucial so that we may continue down a healthy path mentally and physically.

Ways to connect with your spiritual side

In today’s world, it can feel difficult to connect with a deeper part of ourselves. Yet within our spiritual side lies the key to finding balance, peace and contentment. To access this deeper part of ourselves, we need to take time to learn how to meditate.

There are many paths that lead us on this journey, from learning the basics of mindfulness meditation where we become aware of our breath and create an inner stillness; or exploring guided visualisation techniques can help shift our perspective by taking us on a healing mental journey; or searching for the feeling of connection when practising yoga or tai chi. Even better – try a little something from all of them! No matter what path you choose, each practice can be powerful tools in tapping into that spirit energy and in turn your own personal form of meditation.

The benefits of connecting with your spiritual energy

Connecting with your spiritual energy can bring many benefits to your life. This connection helps you to feel more in tune with the world around you, as if you are part of something larger than yourself. It allows you to look at life from a perspective of positivity and optimism and it also provides you with a better understanding of who you are.

With an enhanced knowledge about yourself, your relationships become more meaningful and balanced, creating stability in areas such as work, hobbies, and personal goals. Working on your spiritual energy can be a great way to open up channels for help and healing in all aspects of your life.

How to use spiritual energy in your everyday life

The idea that every living thing carries a spiritual energy or aura can help us to see life in a whole new way. Using this energy can be an incredibly powerful and effective way of bringing small changes into daily life that make a big impact. Incorporating meditation, visualization, and prayer into one’s day-to-day routine can help to unlock the potential of spiritually based energy to heal, grow, and create positive transformation.

Connecting with the spiritual energy of our environment is also an incredible tool to bring both serenity and focus into our lives. By understanding how to use this power in everyday life we can tap into something deeper than what is physically seen, allowing us to make lasting change from within.

Living a more spiritually fulfilling life overall

We need to learn to work with energy to live a healthy, well balanced life. That starts with the acknowledgement that everything carries energy. It also starts with the understanding that things carry the energy we allow and that we put into them – or that someone else has put into them. When it comes to your own personal energy field, you are the intender and the trans-muter and the creator.

Are there things in your life that cause you grief and sadness? They might be pictures, they might be objects or they might be memories. Could you just as easily find a picture or a memory of that person or event that brings you joy? Could you, with a little bit of work, use the object to bring you comfort, or appreciation for a lesson learned?

I had a very special dog once, his name was Cocoa. He was blind by the end of his 15 years of life and losing him was like losing a beloved child and I grieved a lot. He was my baby. I have his picture on my refrigerator, I have his collar on a stuffed animal and I have his favorite blanket close by to cuddle up with.

Those things could cause me sadness but I have chosen to use them to bring me wonderful memories and appreciation of the time we had together. They will forever be my link to him in Spirit, and he is a powerful and wonderful and beautiful Spirit living happily in the heavenly realms. He is with me whenever I think of him, and often he just shows up when I need him. He is a little bundle of wonderful loving energy and I focus on that.

Please remember that everything carries energy – the energy you allow it to be.

And please remember how powerful you are.

You decide the energy of your life.

Many blessings,

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