Effects Of Volcanic Eruptions And What We Can Learn From Them

I am writing to you from Western New York State in the US. Here in Western New York – and possibly where you are – it is relatively calm. We are safely surrounded by the Great Lakes and experience very little in the way of hurricanes, volcanoes or earthquakes, compared to many other places on earth. For our friends in other parts of the world, volcanic eruptions are a fact of life, and much damage and heartache are the result. For many, their world is forever changed, and our hearts go out to everyone experiencing difficulties from earth changes, and we send all our light and strength to help them.

It may seem that the rest of the world remains unaffected by things that happen in a certain geographical area, but energetically that is not case. The planet we all share is undergoing a massive cleansing and clearing and when it’s finished this will be a different place. We are all experiencing the effects of volcanic eruptions.

Many would argue that what is happening has always happened – is just cyclical in nature – and nothing that hasn’t happened before.

I assure you – it has never been like this before. Yes, life has almost been destroyed many times in the past during ice ages, and great floods, and impacts from celestial bodies and man’s poor decisions. Yes, societies have fallen and risen more than once – and yet never like this. For the first time ever, planet Earth is rising in vibration and assuming what some are calling an ascended status in a higher dimension. To exist in this higher place, the spirit of the planet – and yes, the planet does have a living consciousness – must shake off and release all negative energies that she has held for eons of time.

The cleansing she is now allowing and facilitating is new – brand new.

The cracks in the earth may seem old – but the energy being released is for a purpose that is brand new indeed. Human beings resist what they can’t see, feel, taste or touch. So many things only seem real if they are measurable by the senses. And yet, you know Love is real. You know hunger is real. You know sadness is real. How can you measure those things? You can’t feel them with your fingertips, but you can feel them with your heart. The changes that the planet are now going through can only be understood through the heart. The world may want proof.

The world won’t get it. Faith, trust, and belief are heart things – and the planet in ascending into a heart space. The rational, linear thinkers are going to be challenged in the upcoming months and years. I really don’t know what is going to happen to them. Perhaps the world around them will not appear to change at all. Perhaps they will just start sharing the planet with many people who are conscious and aware, just like children inhabit the same planet with grown-ups.

Children live in their own world, with their own sense of reality, and yet they live with grown-ups all around them. Perhaps that is what the future will be when the planet becomes home to those aware, and those unaware. The unaware will never know that anything has changed. But if you are one of those who is aware, and has awakened to the truth, your future will be glorious indeed.

Once the planet has released all her heavy energies, and ascended in consciousness, and we have released all our heavy energies and have ascended in consciousness, our world will be totally new. We will be totally supported to create our future from a place of love, joy and peace. Abundance will be for everyone, and pain will be a thing of the past.

This is what the volcanoes and tornadoes and destruction are doing – clearing out the old – making room for the new. These are the effects of volcanic eruptions.In days to come things may escalate. More people may be impacted and more physical things lost. As you send your love and concern out to those suffering, keep aware that there is a reason – and a greater purpose.

No one and no thing is ever truly lost. Energy only changes form and love can never die. People who lost their lives will be given many other choices for their next one. People who lost loved ones will be reunited when this brief earth experience comes to an end. Your spirit came for this time and for this experience. Your mind may just have forgotten – but with the upcoming ascension you will begin to remember.

Yes, you will.

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