Don’t make assumptions: A crucial essay on balance, letting go and observing

I invite you to stop everything you are doing and read this article because it might be the most important one I write. Relax, there’s nowhere to rush to now. Make a conscious intention to just be present in the moment and enjoy merely being yourself.

Did you ever have one of those times where things were really going good, and you were in the flow, and you were manifesting, and all your energy was going out, out and out some more as thankfulness and appreciation and excitement and enthusiasm? Remember when you were working with energy and it was awesome?

Those are great times, aren’t they? I hope you have a lot of them.

Have you ever also had those days when the weather was dreary, and your outlook on life was dreary, and nothing seemed to be happening, and all the enthusiasm you had just went out the window?

What do you do in those times? Learning how to change your mood in those moments can change your entire day.

I’ve been thinking about that, and recently I was given a very clear, and comforting answer. Once again – the planet of duality and balance and opposites. That’s where we live. No one can be ‘up’ all the time. There will be ‘down’ times. Did you realize, though, that during those ‘down times’ you are integrating all that you had generated during the ‘up’ times?

Think of yourself as a computer if that will help. Sometimes you receive tons of messages and information and sites to look at and ideas to process. Then you reach a point where your computer starts to run slow and you need to empty your inbox and do some housekeeping to dump old files and maybe update some new programs. Sometimes if you run a scan you just have to let it do its thing while you go do something else.

That’s what happens to us. During the ‘down’ times our spirits are doing some housekeeping. We are uploading some new files to manage all the new blessings we said we wanted. It feels boring, and maybe even overwhelming or depressing, but it’s only part of the process. Nothing has gone wrong. You haven’t been deserted by your Heavenly team. You haven’t even taken a step backward.

Maybe the next time you feel sad and things don’t seem to be working out, you can remind yourself that you might be in the integration phase. That’s all. Nothing too heavy or serious. Nothing to fix. By the time you watch a movie, read a book, go for a walk, take a nap, meet some friends for coffee, clean something up, and tend to those repairs, you will probably be back online. Just a thought on how to change your mood.

The important message is: don’t make assumptions. Let go of what you can’t control, and move forward.

On a deeper sense, you might also be asking: How did I end up here? Why are these people in my life? How come things are so challenging? OR – How did I get so lucky? How did I ever attract you? How come I have my dream job while so many others suffer through theirs?

Our lives are the result of the plans we created for ourselves before we incarnated here. Most of the time we have listened to the intuitive whisperings from our Soul and have stuck to the plan we designed. We all drift off course occasionally, but events beyond our understanding will usually pull us back on track.

Not all of us planned lives of physical comfort, emotional ease, and plenty. Most of us, in fact, know that this was our last chance to experience 3D earth, built with plenty of challenges. We wanted to take a look at things we had never seen before and clear up issues we may have been carrying from lifetime to lifetime.

If you feel that you have completely gone off course it is never too late to get back on track. Remember this.

If you know this is the life you designed, but just want to understand why you made some of the decisions you made, the answers are available and you won’t fall into one of the 7 toxic habits.

Don't make assumptions

People can live through some pretty difficult times if they have hope. The angels and celestials keep reaffirming for us that there is plenty of reason to have hope in our future here on Planet Earth. We have been on an evolutionary – ascension path for millions of years, but never before have we been assured of success, as long as we keep moving forward and don’t stop.

In times past there was always that possibility that we would incinerate ourselves and each other in some kind of war. We have come too close for comfort, but the present and the future are different stories.

There have always been, and still are, many beings who don’t care about their fellow man. They instigate wars and live for power and control. And through all our trials and pain here in this human existence, we have gained such spiritual knowledge that we will never let this kind of creation be played out again. The last 3rd-dimensional time on Earth has closed or is closing. We move ahead now – the majority of us – as 4th and 5th-dimensional beings who know how to love and forgive and be grateful.

Don’t be discouraged just because our new attitudes haven’t reached some places like the Middle East, filtered down to the nightly news, or touched the noisy ones, and troublesome ones. Of course, we still have a lot of those. But the silent majority is speaking out. The masses want to love and be loved. The numbers are solid with the Light, and the darkness fades more every day.

What happens during a period of illumination is that the light shines on things that were previously hidden – sometimes hidden for hundreds of thousands of years. When that occurs we are tempted to think that things are getting worse, but that is really not the case. Once we know what is hidden, and decide we want it gone, we have the power to make it go. We, as a united people are making it go right now. We are uncovering corrupt businesses and governments and demanding the truth. We are forcing disclosure of many things previously hidden. We have found ways to communicate with each other, without going through the ‘powers that be’. People are actually starting to call them the ‘powers that were.

Individually people are taking back their lives. It was once almost sacred and absolute to do things by the rules. Now people are questioning the rules and wondering how they got there in the first place. Today’s people won’t do things that don’t ‘feel’ right – and good for them! We each have our own internal compass, and we have the means to follow it. When we do we are headed in a wonderful direction to a glorious future.

Free energy and cures for most of the diseases of the day are already here. They just haven’t made it into public knowledge yet, but just watch what happens within the next few years. You will be astounded. Some day everyone will have everything they need and want, and time to enjoy it.

‘Someday’ comes closer with every person who leaves fear and doubts behind and begins to live in hope and faith.


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