Creating Life Beyond Dualistic Thinking: How to Understand deeper spiritual ideas

I know I have spoken of this before but it bears repeating until humanity gets it: Most people have pre-conceived ideas about right and wrong. They will quite often search for information until they find validation of their personal beliefs. At that point they say, “yes, this is the truth – I knew it all along.”

Then they will resist anyone who doesn’t share their truth. That’s as far as they ever go. The only way we will ever advance beyond the divisions that have arisen in this country, is for each person to look at both sides of an issue fairly and squarely. Make sure you know what you are standing up for and why.

Play with the idea of creating a better way – better than either the black or the white. This is not a compromise between the two. This new kind of thinking takes the positives of both sides and then adds even more to put all into a completely new system. To evolve as a healthy species we must create life beyond dualistic thinking. It has to start with you.

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that everything is either right or wrong, but the truth is that life is much more complex than that. In order to really understand spiritual ideas, we need to be open to nuance and gray areas.

Otherwise, we’ll only ever experience life in black and white.

But if we can expand our mindset beyond dualistic thinking, we open up a whole world of possibilities – including a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe around us.

dualistic thinking is not really suitable for higher spiritual matters

Defining dualistic thinking and how it’s used in everyday life

Dualistic thinking is an approach to analyzing the world by separating it into two categories: good and bad, right and wrong, or yes and no. This way of looking at things can provide useful information in some situations – a bright “yes” or “no” on a multiple choice exam, for instance – but outside of these occasions, dualistic thought often fails to capture the complexities of life. These nuances mean that most situations are rarely characterized by strict binaries.

Instead, people must learn how to reimagine right and wrong as a spectrum or range of perspectives if they want to gain true understanding. Doing this allows them to deepen their awareness and embrace complexity while using nuanced approaches better suited to real-world scenarios.

How dualistic thinking can limit your spiritual understanding

Dualistic thinking can cause us to get stuck seeing the world in only two very narrow ways, making it difficult to reach new levels of spiritual understanding. We can become confined by our own limited paradigms when we see things as simply right or wrong. To expand our spiritual understanding, we need to look beyond these clear cut ideas and embrace different shades of grey. When we shift our thinking to find the value in both sides, and even recognize that neither are entirely correct, we can begin to see how they complement each other and make space for a more expansive way of looking at reality.

Opening up to deeper spiritual ideas that go beyond right and wrong

Moving beyond just right and wrong is the starting point for meaningful spiritual exploration. Moving away from dualistic thinking, such a transition opens up our minds to recognize nuances in life, which can be incredibly powerful in enriching our spiritual lives.

The growth that comes from this practice of understanding transforms us as we become more open and connected to the deeper aspects of ourselves; it is an invitation to uncover spiritual truths that are so often lost in the hustle-and-bustle of life. Through questioning beliefs and challenging preconceived notions, we can take leaps towards a much richer understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Examples of concepts that can’t be understood with dualistic thinking

Many of the concepts we grapple with in life lie in a realm that is much more complex than two opposite notions such as right and wrong. We have to challenge ourselves to look beyond mere black-and-white perspectives when faced with topics such as morality, identity, and meaning. Ideas such as justice, creativity, empathy, wisdom, purpose – these can all be hard to understand without being able to move past dualistic thinking. Every concept needs its own individual context and room for nuance in order to be fully understood; this is why it’s so important for us to develop more mature ways of making sense of the world.

Spiritual ideas that go beyond dualistic thinking involve understanding the interconnectedness of all things, rather than seeing the world in terms of us versus them. One example is the concept of “Oneness,” which recognizes that all life is part of a unified field and we are all connected to each other. Another example is Buddhist philosophy, which emphasizes non-attachment and awareness of one’s self and others. Finally, quantum physics shows us that energy fields have a fundamental interconnectedness – suggesting that what affects one thing, affects everything else too. These ideas encourage us to think beyond our limited perspectives and embrace wider spiritual perspectives on life.

Why it’s important to move beyond dualistic thinking in your spiritual journey

In non-dualistic thinking in spirituality, the idea is that all of life is part of a unified field. This means that everything is connected and interdependent on each other. When viewed this way, it creates a shift in perspective away from seeing the world as “me versus you” and instead encourages us to recognize our interconnectedness with everyone and everything else.

This understanding can lead to greater compassion, understanding and peace as we start to see ourselves as part of one big whole. Non-dualistic thinking also encourages us to accept all parts of ourselves: both our light and dark sides – and not deny or push away parts of who we are.

Every spiritual journey is different and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to moral decisions or spiritual development. Understanding that life isn’t divided into only what’s right and what’s wrong can help us become more set on our spiritual paths, as it gives us the freedom to explore possibilities that lay beyond the dualistic parameters we usually live within.

When looking for answers in our quest for growth, discarding these boundaries can open up paths to perspectives we wouldn’t otherwise have considered, determining outcome of choices more accurately than a rigid separation of two sides would. Moving beyond dualistic thinking on your spiritual journey is thus essential if you wish to truly develop on your path.

If you’re open to expanding your spiritual understanding, it’s important to be aware of dualistic thinking and how it can limit your growth. There are many concepts in spirituality that can’t be understood with right or wrong thinking. By moving beyond dualistic thinking, you open yourself up to a deeper understanding of the universe and your place in it.

Concluding remarks

I applaud all those who are resisting new laws and political appointments that they believe are wrong for our democracy – however – please understand, it can’t stop there. Once you have resisted, then what? You must stand up, speak out, and contribute to the creation of the new energy that replaces all that came before.

Once I attended a class that taught conflict resolution for children. If there were 2 children involved in a fight they were taught to sit facing one another. They were to clasp their hands backwards and fold them up their hearts. Then they were to talk about how they viewed the conflict. They could say anything they pleased about how they looked at the precipitating incident or their feelings. Only one real rule. They couldn’t say ‘YOU’.

They couldn’t say ‘You hurt me.” They could only say “I was hurt and I believe it is unfair and cruel to have this done to me.’

Of course, that is only a beginning, but a very crucial one. To stop blaming and start explaining your own point of view. Then to listen carefully to the other.

I wish our Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate would be required to do this. I wish they were only able to collect their paychecks after they looked closely at both sides and came up with a new and improved way to address the issue.

An impossible dream?

Well, that’s where reality starts. I will never stop dreaming, and sharing my dreams, and sending out the energy of cooperation to whomever is open to receiving it.

Many Blessings,

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