The amazing importance of ceremony and ritual in our lives: a little primer on manifestation

We are very ritualistic people. You might not consider yourself “religious” or a “believer” but either way, we all follow sets of actions that can be called ceremony and ritual in our everyday life.

How are you feeling right this minute? Bored, tired, anxious, rushed, confused, hopeful, peaceful, angry, happy, or something else?

It doesn’t matter what it is. You are a powerful creator and if it is with you at this moment you are creating more of it. That’s just the way energy works. You are actively manifesting your thoughts.

Of course, if you are aware of what you are doing and its deeper meaning, then the effect is that much greater. A simple act of giving charity on a daily basis can reinforce the ripple effect it causes in the cosmos.

As a Reiki practitioner, I know that working with energy is like developing a new limb. It feels weird talking in those terms, but you are basically reinforcing the idea that energy healing is real, and the more you do so, the more real and powerful it gets.

Ceremony and Ritual in Everyday Living

Consider, if you will, the simple act of brushing your teeth every morning and evening. This little ritual helps us feel at peace with ourselves, with the thought that “we’ve done our job”, even if it’s something trivial.

The concept of ceremony and ritual helps manifest certain realities not only within ourselves but also outside.

ceremony and ritual can be as simple as cooking

Creating a better and more beautiful anything is really simple. It is not always easy, but it is simple. It starts with complete awareness that you are unconsciously asking for more of whatever it is you are experiencing right now. If it is good, then throw in a healthy dose of gratitude to reinforce it. If it is not, here are a few things you can try:

Call on the violet flame, or Grace of God to transmute your current feelings. Create an affirmation or intention to use when you realize you are not where you want to be. Personalize it and make it your own, but it could be something like this:

I choose to trust that whatever is happening is for my greatest good. I choose to believe that I am powerful and the answers I seek will come to me. I choose to understand that perfect health is my natural state and I cooperate with all the cells of my body to re-form to perfection.

Take decisive physical action to reinforce your affirmation or intention. This, in essence, is a ceremony and ritual, if you so choose it to be. If you intended to welcome health (instead of feeling sick) you might make yourself a cup of tea or do a few exercises. If you intended to bring in peace (instead of feeling anxious) you might stop and do some deep breathing. If you intend to seek fulfillment (instead of feeling powerless) go on the internet and look up some positive spiritual information. If you intend to trust that everything that is happening to you is leading to a greater good, then start a journal to record all the blessings that have come to you.

Choosing a ceremony and ritual

As you may already have guessed, choosing a ceremony and ritual doesn’t need to be anything fancy. It can be something simple and easy as cooking, or even doing laundry. If, of course, you want to develop your senses, then choosing more complex activities is ideal.

Personally, I like Reiki therapy because I am marveled by the idea of manifesting cures and connecting to people. Actually, it’s a lot deeper than that: practicing Reiki helps me understand myself and be in touch with my soul on a much greater level than anything else. The benefits of Reiki also extend to me, as I feel energised and good knowing my energy is being used for the greater good.

Many people take on martial arts, tai chi, stretching, or any other form of energy art.

When practicing your art, make sure to have the proper intent and make it a ceremony and ritual. Do it for yourself and develop an affinity with it until it becomes a part of you and helps you also get in touch with your soul.

Keep practicing and let me know the results in the comments below!

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