Wear Gratitude Like a Cloak and Other Valuable Mantras

This might sound cheesy, but I live by the mantra “wear gratitude like a cloak”.

You know, it helps me focus on the good in life. So much around us is designed to disrupt our balance that it’s sometimes amazing we are still living.

Pretend you live in a large family. Your parents keep telling you to put your shoes over to the side when you take them off. Sometimes you remember, and sometimes you forget. Sometimes your brothers and sisters remember. Sometimes they forget. One day you walk into the house, trip over shoes that have been left in the middle of the floor, and you fall and break your ankle.…

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Never Underestimate The Power Of Prayer

Are You Seeing It Yet?

The world is changing – gently but profoundly. In India they are making medicine free to all people. In Canada a huge law suit was settled in favor of native people that had been abused by the government. More fraud is being uncovered everyday and many political leaders and bankers all over the world have been arrested, stepped down, and some have committed suicide. The list of changes in the world goes on and on, and is available if you search the internet or listen to certain foreign broadcasts.

We have long wanted, and long believed, that the only road to lasting change was to remove the people in charge and replace them.…

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Multiple Lives, Past Lives Future Lives And Your Current Life

Coming to a true understanding of who we are, our capabilities, our gifts, and our essences takes lifetimes.

That’s why we have them – why we come back into form time after time.

Multiple lives, past lives and future lives is a reality that is accepted by more and more people every day. Having only one life of deprivation and suffering while another person might have one life of affluence and accolades makes so sense at all if that’s the only life you ever have. Looking at those lives from a point of view of ‘one of many’ it makes perfect sense.…

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